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Valeriya Installs Euphonix in Moscow Studio

Mountain View, CA (November 23, 2009)--Valeriya, often referred to as Russia's Madonna, has installed a Euphonix S5 Fusion in her Valeriya/SVIP Studio.

Bone, West Highland Terrier; Oleg Ivanov,
technical director; Valeriya; Tatiana
Vinnitskaya, record producer; and
Joseph Prigozhin, president, NOX Music.Mountain View, CA (November 23, 2009)–Valeriya, often referred to as Russia’s Madonna, has installed a Euphonix S5 Fusion in her Valeriya/SVIP Studio.

Valeriya, who has sold over 100 million records and whose concert tours regularly sell out stadiums and arenas, explained why the Euphonix was selected for the Moscow-based studio. “After working at the best western studios and learning all the latest tricks and techniques, I wanted to set up a state-of-the-art studio in my country to give the artists the opportunity to work in a highly professional environment, as well as to be able to invite western producers to create top quality albums in Russia.”

Located in a new building in Moscow, Valeriya/SVIP Studio provides a full array of audio services ranging from music mixing and recording to ADR, TV and film audio post production. The facility installed a 184-channel S5 Fusion with EuCon control of Pyramix and Pro Tools DAWs in its 5.1 mixing control room, which was designed by Acoustic Design Group’s John Flynn and Sam Toyoshima.

“We chose the Euphonix S5 Fusion because it is an industry standard,” said Oleg Ivanov, technical director at Valeriya/SVIP Studio. “We know it will attract not only new customers but also reputed sound engineers who want to work on a Euphonix.”

“The S5 Fusion gives us amazing control of the sound picture in the control room. Euphonix’ combination of integrated DSP and native workstation control gives us a unique edge and makes the whole production process much easier and faster,” commented Joseph Prigozhin, president of Russia’s NOX Music record label.

Internationally renowned record producer Tatiana Vinnitskaya further explained, “We really love the surround sound capability of the Fusion and this allows us to produce Blu-ray discs and other film and TV productions as well as top quality music content. The MK Sound 2510P and subwoofer monitoring is the ideal combination and the way the room communicates back to the listener prompted us to think about expanding our business into a fully commercial studio.”