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Vintage King Knights Inward Connections

Los Angeles, CA (March 17, 2009)--Vintage King Audio will add an exclusive 500 Series Product Line from Inward Connections to its roster of products.

Los Angeles, CA (March 17, 2009)–Vintage King Audio will add an exclusive 500 Series Product Line from Inward Connections to its roster of products.

This will begin with the EQP2. The all-discrete 2-band parametric EQ is available exclusively in the U.S. at Vintage King and various Inward Connections’ dealers worldwide through Vintage King’s sister company, M1 Distribution.

The parametric EQP2 is said to be capable of 20db of boost/cut per band and utilizes the SPA690 discrete amp blocks. Features include a low-band frequency range from 35Hz to 1KHz, high-band frequency range from 560Hz to 16KHz and an adjustable bandwidth range from 0.16 to 2.0 octaves. The EQP2 offers two overlapping, fully sweepable frequencies and fits standard 500-series slot configurations mechanically and electrically.

In other Vintage King news, co-founder Michael Nehra recently consulted on a control room conversion and console installation at songwriter/producer Michael Marquart’s Windmark Recording Studio in Virginia Beach, VA. The Platinum award-winning Marquart has worked with the Meat Puppets, Don Dixon and Richard Butler’s Love Spit Love, among others.

In-house Vintage King technician Richard Hunt completed the installation, onsite, of a 32-channel API 1608 and custom console desk designed by Sterling Modular. With the input of Marquart, Nehra and tech Skip Derupa, Hunt designed the studio’s patchbay and cabling layout, integrating it with the existing studio wiring, outboard and Pro Tools|HD system. A set of ProAc Studio 100’s with a Bryston 3B were added for mixing, along with a few pieces of select outboard gear and a Bryston 3B/custom headphone system.

Also, Vintage King’s Ryan McGuire recently consulted with Robin Pecknold, lead singer of Fleet Foxes, on a remote recording rig for the band’s upcoming SubPop Records release. McGuire centered the rig around a Neve BCM10 and a Pro Tools|HD system with Mytek 8×192 converters. Prior to selling the Neve BCM to Pecknold, Vintage King completed an aesthetic and functional restoration of the console, which included recapping all modules and adding direct outputs to integrate the desk with their tracking setup.

The Neve BCM 10 was serviced in-house by tech staff and provided with a warranty. Highlights of the setup include a Neumann U 67, Neumann KM 56 and AKG D36 along with a pair of Telefunken V72’s, a Retro Instruments 176 limiting amplifier and a LaChapell 992EG mic preamp.

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