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WBAL-TV Monitors with Wohler

Hayward, CA (May 12, 2009)--WBAL-TV in Baltimore, MD has implemented Wohler equipment to enable monitoring of video and audio signals throughout the broadcaster's newly upgraded HD production facilities.

Hayward, CA (May 12, 2009)–WBAL-TV in Baltimore, MD has implemented Wohler equipment to enable monitoring of video and audio signals throughout the broadcaster’s newly upgraded HD production facilities.

The HD upgrade at WBAL-TV expanded the broadcaster’s existing facilities through the design and construction of a new HD video control room, audio control room, HD news production studio, a core equipment room, and a video control area. The Wohler monitoring systems meet a range of monitoring needs across WBAL-TV’s HD operations, providing required functionality in compact designs.

“The impact of our new HD production center and studio was immediately apparent to viewers, and Wohler’s monitoring products play a key role in enabling delivery of this high-quality programming from our studios,” said Jeff Halapin, director of engineering at WBAL-TV, an NBC affiliate. “At stations around the facility, Wohler systems fit neatly into our consoles to provide straightforward monitoring appropriate to specific applications within the production workflow.”

Installed at five director and producer positions, Wohler’s VMDA-4 audio monitor supports selectable monitoring of analog or AES sources, with full-range fidelity. With this tool, each operator can independently monitor a signal on the monitor wall display. Audio operators use two of Wohler’s eight-channel AMP2-S8MDA audio monitors with Dolby E decoding to verify the validity and availability of Dolby processing. Two AMP2A units are being used by the WBAL audio staff as cue speakers.

Newington, VA-based Communications Engineering Inc. (CEI) supplied and installed the Wohler gear for WBAL-TV. “Wohler’s monitoring products were a perfect fit for this project, thanks to their convenient combination of size and functionality,” said Herman Reynolds, project manager at CEI. “We have worked with Wohler equipment in many projects and have been very pleased with their performance. Because the company offers a complete range of monitoring solutions, we were able to go to one vendor to address a wide range of monitoring needs at WBAL-TV.”