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Weiss Gear Keeps In Step With Final Stage Mastering

Nashville, TN (February 21, 2006)--Final Stage Mastering and chief mastering engineer Randy LeRoy have been using Weiss Engineering tools for several years, starting with Weiss' EQ1.

Nashville, TN (February 21, 2006)–Final Stage Mastering and chief mastering engineer Randy LeRoy have been using Weiss Engineering tools for several years, starting with Weiss’ EQ1.

Randy LeRoy chief engineer at Final Stage Mastering, Nashville.”Some of my first pieces of digital processing gear were Weiss Engineering systems,” said LeRoy, whose discography using Weiss gear includes recent projects for Pam Tillis, and Relient K, plus remastering for the Nitty Gritty Dirt band and Merle Haggard. “The Weiss boxes seemed to really come out and give you the quality and smoothness of digital processing that was never there before. They didn’t change the tone and imaging of the mix, instead, all you heard was the slight EQ subtleties you were adding.”

With the number of possible sampling rate/bit depth format possibilities expanding steadily over the last decade, LeRoy has been pleased to see that his Weiss Engineering units have easily accommodated them. “As Final Stage started supporting higher sample rates, Weiss Engineering founder and president, Daniel Weiss, kept adding those capabilities too,” LeRoy noted. “When I first purchased Weiss’ EQ1 7-band EQ and DS1 compressor, they were both 44.1/48kHz units. Two years later, they upgraded them to the MK2 version, which was able to do 96kHz/24-bit. Soon after that, a Linear Phase model upgrade was available which allowed me to use the EQ1 in either MK2 or Linear Phase modes. I also took advantage of the DYN upgrade, which added dynamic control in the frequency domain.

“In each case, making the upgrade was just a question of switching out a board or processor chips. You don’t have to be a hard-core tech to do it yourself. As these updates continued, I realized that Weiss Engineering was truly supporting these units, and not forcing me to buy a new a piece of hardware every time I wanted to add a special flavor to them. It was a big plus knowing that the manufacturer was standing behind my gear.”

In addition to his EQ1MK2 DYN-LP and DS1MK2, LeRoy has continued to advance his Weiss ADC1 and DAC1 converters with Weiss’ Hydra double sampling standard changer interface. “I love the fullness and richness of the Weiss Engineering A/D and D/A converters. It’s a very natural, smooth-sounding conversion and what comes in comes out,” said LeRoy. “They’re a great plus for mastering, whether it’s restoration work or coming in from my analog EQs.

“Then some of the higher sample rates came about, and we had the AES/EBU dual wire/single wire issues cropping up between some of my pieces of digital gear. The Hydra box helped add much more flexibility into my system. It’s a user-friendly, simple interface to do the dual-to-single-wire conversion that was necessary to connect many different kinds of digital gear. It’s a good example of how realistic the company is about today’s mastering environment. They listen to their end users about what they need, have great ideas, and they’re great at implementing them.”

Weiss Engineering products are available through Las Vegas Pro Audio located in Las Vegas, Nevada.