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Wireworks Neutrik USA Join Forces For InfoComm

Las Vegas, NV (June 17, 2008)--Audio/video cabling systems provider Wireworks is teaming with Neutrik USA for this year's InfoComm show.

Las Vegas, NV (June 17, 2008)–Audio/video cabling systems provider Wireworks is teaming with Neutrik USA for this year’s InfoComm show.

Neutrik USA turned to Wireworks for its LumaVue Plates and Panels to display its line of connector products throughout its InfoComm exhibit space (Booth C3657). In return, Wireworks Corporation (Booth C2823) will showcase several of Neutrik’s XLR connectors as part of its LumaVue Panels and Plates booth display.

“We decided to exclusively use Wireworks LumaVue panels throughout our booth because of their proven durability,” says Jim Cowan, president of Neutrik USA. “Wireworks panels can not only stand up to the constant plugging and unplugging throughout the show, but they look great.”

Wireworks LumaVue Plates & Panels can be rear illuminated, allowing the engraved text and logo/graphics to glow clearly, for instant identification. Panels are rear engraved so marking cannot be marred, worn or destroyed. The LumaVue non-conductive panel material provides electrical isolation that cannot rust or tarnish. LumaVue is available in 10 colors including red, burgundy, blue, navy, almond, white, grey, black, gold and silver.

“Having our LumaVue panels displayed throughout the entire Neutrik booth during InfoComm allows us to show LumaVue in use,” says Gerald Krulewicz, president of Wireworks. “It is also a testament to the quality of products we provide, as Neutrik, an industry leader, turned to us for their paneling needs.”

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