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Wohler Announces AMP1-16-3G First

Hayward, CA (December 1, 2009)--Belgium's Flemish Radio and Television Network (VRT) is the first company to deploy the Wohler AMP1-16-3G.

Hayward, CA (December 1, 2009)–Belgium’s Flemish Radio and Television Network (VRT) is the first company to deploy the Wohler AMP1-16-3G.

The 3G- and Dolby-capable monitor is equipped with three OLED display screens, capable of displaying source video and advanced monitoring of 16 channels of audio simultaneously in 1 RU. The unit has been installed in VRT’s newly refurbished HD SNG van for audio/video monitoring of multichannel productions.

VRT, the public broadcasting network of the Flemish community, debuted its new AMP1-16-3G for live HD (1080i50) transmission of the Belgacom Memorial Van Damme 2009 track and field meet at the Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels. The broadcast represented VRT’s first hosting and transmission of an HD sports event, and the live signal was received and rebroadcast by countries across the world.

“With flexible metering parameters, an easy-to-use interface, support for surround sound, and high-performance ‘green’ display technology, Wohler’s AMP1-16-3G is ideal for audio and video monitoring in an HD environment,” said Marnix Van de Kauter, project manager for VRT. “We chose to incorporate the unit into our first HD-capable van not only because of its functionality and compact design, but also because its 3G compatibility provides a valuable foundation for the further growth and development of our production and broadcast capabilities.”

Systems integrator Diginet provided VRT with Wohler’s new AMP1-16-3G as part of an overall truck upgrade to HD. Along with dual selectable 3G/HD/SD inputs, the monitor is Dolby E-capable and Dolby Digital Plus-ready, serving as a future-proof solution for HD broadcasts with up to 7.1 channels of surround sound.

The system monitors up to 16 channels of embedded audio within a single multirate SDI signal, with two of the unit’s three OLED screens providing simultaneous monitoring of 16 audio channels with options for high-resolution 180-segment audio metering. Depending on VRT’s operational requirements, the third screen may display source video or data as well as active help for the configuration controls.

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