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World Wide Wadio Upgrades Fairlights

Los Angeles, CA (October 22, 2008)--Hollywood-based radio production company World Wide Wadio is upgrading four rooms at its studios to Fairlight's Crystal Core technology.

Los Angeles, CA (October 22, 2008)–Hollywood-based radio production company World Wide Wadio is upgrading four rooms at its studios to Fairlight’s Crystal Core technology.

The studios will also be equipped with Fairlight Xynergi user interfaces, three of which will be incorporated into Fairlight large-format Constellation mixing consoles as the new Xynergi Center Section panels.

World Wide Wadio serves the advertising, entertainment and internet industries with award-winning, creative productions. The company has won more than 1,000 awards–including 22 at the most recent Promax Award show (the most awards to a single winner in the history of the competition). Its client list includes CBS, Showtime, Comedy Central, McDonald’s, Columbia Tristar, Discovery, Disney, A&E, Pfizer, VH1, Coca-Cola, History, FOX and many other household names.

The decision to upgrade to Fairlight CC-1 and Xynergi was made by World Wide Wadio’s president and chief creative officer Paul Fey and senior vice president Stewart Sloke,e guided by Laurent Jouvin, World Wide Wadio’s senior sound designer and chief engineer.

“We currently have four on-site studios and two off-site operations, all equipped with Fairlight technology,” Jouvin says. “As longtime Fairlight users, it was clear to us that the Crystal Core System is a huge technological leap forward. Due to the growth of World Wide Wadio, we took the decision to upgrade to CC-1 because we needed to streamline our workflow and further increase the speed at which we could respond to our client’s needs.”

A key element of World Wide Wadio’s upgrade is the installation of Fairlight Xynergi in all four studios. This technology incorporates integrated PyxisTrack video and features the Xynergi controller, a desktop user interface that allows engineers to access all features and functions of the Fairlight CC-1, as well as commonly used Windows applications.