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XTA Expands Global Reach

Worcestershire, U.K. (July 30, 2008)--XTA has expanded its global distribution network, recently appointing distributors in six countries--Argentina, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Poland and Portugal.

The Konsbud Audio team (l-r): Beata Wrembel, purchase and logistics director; Jarek Kierkowski, sales director; Agnieszka Pyrich, president; Antek Paluszkiewicz, XTA brand manager; and Agata Sawicka-Korgol, marketing specialist.Worcestershire, U.K. (July 30, 2008)–XTA has expanded its global distribution network, recently appointing distributors in six countries–Argentina, Hungary, Iceland, Mexico, Poland and Portugal.

In the Central and South American markets, the company has expanded its representation in the region with the appointment of DA Professional SRL in Argentina and Audioacustica y Electronica in Mexico. Founded in 1979, Audioacustica y Electronica is one of Mexico’s production suppliers and, with additional representatives in Guadalajara and Cancún, is placed to serve the entire Mexican market.

“We provide total production solutions, combining our expert personnel and only the very highest quality equipment,” says the Audioacustica y Electronica’s Javier Posada. “The company was founded because of a need in Mexico for a supplier whose equipment portfolio and experience allows them to plan, coordinate and execute all technical aspects of a production. XTA is the ideal addition to that portfolio.”

Meanwhile, XTA has extended its reach in four European countries by appointing GEM kft in Hungary, Sense in Iceland, Konsbud Audio in Poland and Technimusica in Portugal as distributors.

Konsbud Audio’s Jarek Kierkowski noted, “I am very pleased that we have joined XTA’s family of distributors. XTA products are world-renowned, but the Polish market has been effectively cut off from the trends observed in Western Europe for many years. But when we talk with our friends from other European countries, we see that the Polish pro audio market is heading the same way as the markets of those countries several years ago. I am very optimistic about the future and believe that the combination of XTA’s technical excellence with Konsbud Audio’s market knowledge and renowned position will bring mutual success.”

He continues, “Recently, I had the chance to visit Wigwam Acoustics in the U.K. I have never before seen so many XTA processors in one place and hope that, as a result of Konsbud Audio being an XTA distributor, there will soon be similar scenes in the warehouses of many Polish audio companies!”

“The appointment of six further distributors, all in new territories for us, highlights our commitment to reinforcing XTA’s position as a truly global leader in system processing and control,” says the company’s sales and marketing director, Bill Woods.

“We are aiming to complement our cutting-edge technology and expertise with a matching worldwide reach, allowing the ever-rising demands and expectations of installers, event providers and audiences to be satisfied, wherever they are in the world.”