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Xynergi Systems Bolt to Berlin

Berlin, Germany (March 31, 2009)--German public broadcaster ZDF has purchased two Fairlight Xynergi MPC96 systems for its Berlin facility.

Berlin, Germany (March 31, 2009)–German public broadcaster ZDF has purchased two Fairlight Xynergi MPC96 systems for its Berlin facility.

The systems were supplied and installed by Fairlight’s German distributor, Media Logic. ZDF’s main editorial and production capacity in based in Berlin at the Hauptstadtstudio facility, where the Fairlight Xynergi systems have been installed.

As a public service broadcaster, ZDF provides information, education and entertainment programming to viewers of all ages. Alongside its news and current affairs programming, the broadcaster also produces documentaries, fiction and sports programs.

The new Fairlight Xynergi systems are being used to produce a wide range of programs, particularly those that need special sonic editing. These include documentaries, multi-channel productions, trailers and ‘listening’ movies–films with added spoken commentaries so that blind people can follow the plot.

Mario Schmitz, Fairlight’s European product manager, says, “ZDF chose Fairlight Xynergi because it delivers all the tools needed for high-end audio for video production in all widely used surround formats. Xynergi integrates seamlessly into ZDF’s production network with direct access to their Avid Unity ISIS system, offering a future proof MXF solution for HD productions using DVCPRO-HD codecs. As with so many of today’s broadcasters, ZDF’s productions are often time-critical and any technology that helps speed up workflow is a welcome addition. With its fast, CC-1 digital media engine and integrated PyxisTrack video, Xynergi offers fantastic timesavings because it can feed audio and high-resolution video directly into the broadcast chain.

“We are delighted that ZDF has chosen Fairlight technology for its prestigious Berlin facility and we feel confident that the new Xynergi MPC96 systems will bring significant benefits to ZDF staff.”