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Yamaha M7CL Console Gets Into Gilley’s

Branson, MO (May 12, 2009)--The Mickey Gilley Theatre recently added a Yamaha M7CL digital audio console to mark its 20th anniversary.

Matthew Miles with the Yamaha
M7CL digital audio console at
the Mickey Gilley Theatre.
Photo Credit: Tanner Dimetroff
Branson, MO (May 12, 2009)–The Mickey Gilley Theatre recently added a Yamaha M7CL digital audio console to mark its 20th anniversary.

With 39 hit songs under his belt, Gilley, who built the theatre back in 1989, placed 17 of the 39 songs at the number one spot on the country music charts. The theatre, which seats 1,000 people, plays host to Gilley himself five nights a week as well as an afternoon comedy show featuring Joey Riley. The venue has welcomed many entertainers over the years, including Les Brown Jr. and the Band of Renown, Bob Anderson, and Johnny Lee, to name a few.

“The M7CL console has been absolutely amazing,” states Matthew Miles, front of house engineer. “At the time of purchase, our theatre in Branson offered four different shows a day, six days a week. I had been using two analog consoles for Mickey’s show along with a smaller 24-channel console as a sidecar at front of house for three other shows and as well as a fourth for monitors.”

The theatre also has a complete video department where every show is filmed and a fifth analog console with a sidecar was used for a separate video mix. “The M7CL was able to replace all five of the analog consoles, not to mention all the outboard equipment,” said Miles. “The audio quality is outstanding, and the ability to jump from show to show using a thumb drive is incredible. The console has been truly a dream come true for me.”

At the time of purchase, Miles said he was looking at several other consoles, but kept coming back to the Yamaha M7CL because of the features offered at its price point. “This console is by far the best ‘bang for the buck’ out there,” he said. Mickey’s show is using all 48 input channels, 15 monitor mixes, Left, Right and Center main outs, a matrix mix to video, and 32 tracks of direct out recording. “I’m also using all internal effects and processors, with no outboard gear.”

Miles said the console has been readied for the road for Gilley tour dates.

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