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Yamaha Nexo System for Beulah is an Allstar

Edmonton, Alberta (May 3, 2010)--Allstar Show Industries recently completed a Yamaha/Nexo-oriented installation for Beulah Ministries in Edmonton.

Beulah Ministries pastor Terry Lee
and the new Yamaha/Nexo system.
Edmonton, Alberta (May 3, 2010)–Allstar Show Industries recently completed a Yamaha/Nexo-oriented installation for Beulah Ministries in Edmonton.

The installation was tackled on the Ministries’ main and satellite campuses. Dwayne Plishka, project manager, is also the technical director for the ministry. The 85–year-old church is in its third building, an auditorium that seats 1,400 with an average weekly attendance of over 2,000. A rental facility serves as its new Whitemud satellite campus serving a congregation of 100 and seating 250.

A Nexo demonstration sold church leadership on a new system for 98A, the main auditorium. Plishka recommended a Nexo Geo S8 system with six boxes per side for the main auditorium system, four Nexo CD12s and an NX242 processor.

“We wanted a sound image that was as true to the source as possible, and met the physical and acoustical properties of the sanctuary, states Plishka. “The difficulties were the shape of the room and restriction to load capabilities for overhead deployment. The Nexo Geo S8 provided a passive, lightweight system that could be suspended off a single cable, at one single point instead of redesigning the structural points within the auditoriums existing façade. The install was completed in one week.”

Plishka says the ministry needed a console that would obtain the results required by volunteers with a minimal learning curve. Allstar installed a Yamaha M7CL-48 digital console in the main auditorium, as well as secondary auditoriums in the 98A facility. The main campus also houses a Yamaha LS9-32 console in the Children’s Ministry, where Allstar installed four Yamaha IF2108 Installation Series speakers. A LS9-16 was installed in the chapel, and the green room/rehearsal space houses a Yamaha 01V96. Yamaha LS9 consoles were also installed in the satellite location, “We wanted one operational learning curve for volunteers, and the Yamaha digital audio console family was the perfect fit. The youngest audio tech is 13 years old and can navigate the LS9 with ease.”

The congregation noticed a difference in the sound right away. “Each Sunday, there is a certain elderly woman who would pick up a hearing assist device the church provides, notes Plishka. The first Sunday the system was installed, the woman was late to services and didn’t have time to pick up the device. At the end of the service, she stopped by the front of house console and said not only was she late to service but she forgot her hearing aids as well. With a big smile she said, ‘today was the first day I heard the sermon without any assistance.’”

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