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Young Finds iRoom To Grow/i at Sound of Music

Richmond, VA (December 14, 2006)--Sound of Music Studios producer/engineer Bryan Hoffa recently recorded half of the tracks of Adrienne Young's new album Room to Grow.

Richmond, VA (December 14, 2006)–Producer/engineer Bryan Hoffa recently recorded half of the tracks of Adrienne Young’s new album Room to Growat Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, VA.
Brian Hoffa at Sound of MusicThe first few tracks were tracked directly into Pro Tools in Levon Helm’s Woodstock studio and transferred to Radar. Young used Sound of Music’s AKG 414B-ULS, Shure SM-7, and Soundelux V-95 microphones, as Hoffa overdubbed her vocals, guitar, and banjo parts straight to iZ Technology Radar.

The record was mixed to a half-inch tape on Ampex ATK-102, with Pro Tools chasing the Radar machine. Hoffa worked on the title track–Young-penned “Room to Grow”–“Natural Bridge,” “High Flying Dream,” “River,” and “Once More” as well as the traditional Irish tune “St. Early” and Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris.” Young (right) recording at Sound of MusicThe latter track and “Once More” feature Phish bassist Mike Gordon, who added bass and guitar tracks from his studio in Vermont.

These tracks were primarily tracked live with a decent amount of separation in iso booths. They also switch between two drum sets utilizing a kick drum and a resonator.

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