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Beth Johnson

Articles From This Author


sE Electronics Z5600A Microphone

A large-sized addition to the sE Electronics array of microphones is the Z5600A ($899). The size has to be the first thing I mention, because it's the first thing I noticed about this microphone.


Marshall MXL V6 Silicon Valve Microphone

MXL, whose parent company is Marshall Electronics, has released a new affordable microphone: the V6 Silicon Valve. Its characteristics are that of a tube microphone, but without the hassle of actually having to set up a separate power supply...


Blue 8-ball and Bluebird Microphones

In collaboration with the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, one the country's leading pro audio teaching facilities, PAR has introduced a regular series of in-depth reviews conducted at the Conservatory's state-of-the-art teaching faculty in Phoenix.


SE Electronics Microphones

I had the opportunity recently to try a few different mics by a relatively new company called SE Electronics. SE Electronics is making a line of affordable microphones that are of high quality. The line consists of several different...


Cascade V55 Tube Microphone

Companies like Cascade Microphones are making it easier for project studio owners on a budget to be able to purchase high-quality condenser microphones at low prices. Even commercial facilities will find Cascade microphones useful. Cascade microphones are unique and...