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B. M. Cox

Articles From This Author


Electrix WarpFactory Vocoder

This package landed on my desk. I unwrapped it and revealed a well-built piece of gear that can be mounted on a rack or slapped on a tabletop. I knew it was going to be fun putting this Electrix...


Gemini CD-240 Dual-CD DJ Deck

The Gemini CD-240 dual-CD DJdeck is a combination of all these elements. Affordable and slick, feature-packed and ready to play. Take it out of the box, hook it up and go to town.

Gear and Technology

Rane TTM 54 Performance Mixer

The TTM 54 is a no-frills instrument - what features it does have it executes with precision. I especially liked the crossfader contouring and hamster controls. The crossfader contour control, located on the bottom front panel, provides a change...