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Charles Ibis

Articles From This Author


Apple Final Cut Studio Part 2

With all the new outlets for music video these days, it almost feels like 1981 all over again. Music and video artists have more outlets than ever before and greater need for an integrated set of audiovisual postproduction tools.


Apple Final Cut Studio Part 1

Video post production has never been easier or more challenging than it is today. Easier because of all the tools available, but also more demanding in terms of the complexity.


Apple Logic Pro 7

Apple's professional digital audio and MIDI production environment has been updated with new sounds and a new look. As with other Apple offerings, it is available in both Pro and Express editions.


Apple DVD Studio Pro 3 Authoring Software

With all the buzz about Apple's new hardware products, it's easy to forget that Apple is also a software company. Final Cut Pro is probably the best-known member of Apple's family of post production applications that includes LiveType, Cinema...


Emagic Logic Pro 64

Logic has been the flagship Emagic product since the dawn of MIDI sequencing. The company became a division of Apple Computer Inc. in 2002. Apple's influence is apparent in the consolidation of Logic Audio, Logic Gold and Logic Platinum...