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Christopher Walsh

Articles From This Author


Hot Plug-Ins at AES

The 131st Audio Engineering Society Convention demonstrated just how thoroughly the personal computer and software have come to dominate and influence audio production.


Scheiner in Session at Avatar

NEW YORK, NY—In these fast-changing times, it’s especially nice to return to familiar and time-tested ways. Such is life, these days, for legendary engineer/ producer Elliot Scheiner.


The Virtual Amp Has Arrived

Over the last decade, plug-ins have become both an accepted and, often, preferred tool for functions previously accomplished with outboard hardware or a console’s onboard components.


Saving Grace

The phrases, “Strength in numbers” and “Diversify,” may be clichés in the recording-services business, but “maxim” and “axiom” surely apply to these words as well.


Reducing the Console Footprint

by Christopher Walsh. The console’s evolution toward a smaller footprint and DAW integration fits with the trend toward personal studio environments. But commercial studios are also taking to small-format consoles, often for the same reasons private studio owners have...


Recording Marches on Homeward

by Christopher Walsh. That audio professionals are building personal and home-based studios in unprecedented numbers is hardly a new phenomenon. But this migration, launched by the speedy march of digital technology and advanced by multiple factors including...


Industry Greets 2009 at NAMM

by Christopher Walsh. The 2009 Winter NAMM Show, held January 15-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center, illustrated an industry marked both by a global economic slowdown and relentless technological evolution.


A Mic for Every Singer

by Christopher Walsh. Anaheim, CA--"Vocals are the most important thing," producer Ross Hogarth declares. "Obviously, the song is built on the vocal, so picking your vocal mic is absolutely crucial and of utmost importance."


Ultrasone AG Establishes New US Distributor

by Christopher Walsh Nashville (May 9, 2008)--Tutzing, Germany-based headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG has established Ultrasone Inc. as its own U.S. subsidiary for North and South America. Ultrasone Inc. takes over sales, distribution, marketing and accounting from Nashville-based Ultrasone of...


Roland Not Acquiring Cakewalk

By Christopher Walsh Boston, MA (March 26, 2008)--Roland has increased its investment in Cakewalk, with which it has had a long business relationship. The January announcement, which was published in the NAMM Show's daily publication, The Upbeat Daily, has...


Quantegy Online Auction Begins

By Christopher Walsh Opelika, AL (February 28, 2008)--The auction of Quantegy Recording Solutions's complete manufacturing facility commenced this morning at 10 a.m. EST and will close on March 5 at noon, EST.


Olympus Debuts Portable PCM Recorder

by Christopher Walsh The field of portable, high-resolution digital recorders has become a bit more crowded with the introduction of the LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder from Olympus, a top player in the professional dictation market and manufacturer of cameras,...


BanPiracy Puts Controversial Plans in Motion

by Christopher Walsh New York, NY (November 15, 2007)--At the 123rd Audio Engineering Society Convention, executives of BanPiracy, a company formed to fight intellectual property theft in the audio software industry and owned by the shareholders of Waves Audio...


PACE IMSTA Support BanPiracy

By Christopher Walsh New York, NY (November 15, 2007)--"Enforcement is nothing new in copy protection," says Andrew Kirk of San Jose, CA-based PACE Anti-Piracy Inc., developer of the iLok and InterLok tools. "Major software publishers outside pro audio have...


Sony Music Studios8217 Equipment Auctioned

by Christopher Walsh New York, NY (September 14, 2007)--Scores of audio professionals, studio owners and onlookers descended upon the recently closed Sony Music Studios at 460 W. 54th St. on September 10 and 11 for an auction of the...