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Craig Anderton

Articles From This Author


Software Tech: MIDI 2.0 Comes Into Focus

Additional aspects of the MIDI 2.0 spec have fallen into place, and the first pieces of gear with elements of MIDI 2.0 are working their way out of R&D and into the real world.


Software Tech: Amp Sims Go Pro

Craig Anderton explores how amp sims are winning over the normally conservative world of pro guitar players, both in the studio and for live performance.


Software Tech: The Year of the Platform

By Craig Anderton. Given the pro audio and music industry’s relatively small slice of the economic pie, a platform makes sense. Products need staying power that allows amortizing development costs over as long a time as possible—and the longer...


The 143rd AES Convention Anderton Awards

With the restraining order from last year’s Anderton Awards still in effect (but c’mon—no one actually died from the food), this year the world’s only virtual awards show relied on a distinguished panel of judges, none of whom had...


Yes, Even Guitars

Guitars are more likely to be associated with tubes and retro technology than cutting-edge software, but that’s changing in everything from recording to live sound. Although guitars aren’t total strangers to technology—MIDI guitar continues to maintain...


Advances in Archiving

Recently, I ran across a family photo that was taken in 1890, affixed to a cardboard backing—and was as good as the day it was processed. Will anyone be able to view cell phone pictures 127 years...


Digital Audio Formats: What’s Next?

Two recent events underscore changes in the world of digital audio. The first is the end of licensing for MP3 data compression (or more accurately, “data omission”), and the second is the news that Sony is installing six new...


Is the Pen Mightier than the Mouse?

Last month’s column covered the Windows Creators update, and although there was a fair amount of detail on the Surface Dial, I mentioned Pen support only in passing. However, now that a DAW has actually incorporated Microsoft Pen support,...


Windows Creators Update Meets Pro Audio

Although concerns about Apple’s commitment to pro-level creators are likely overblown—Apple probably has a few tricks up its sleeve for 2018—Microsoft is doing a carpe diem and targeting the creative market. In fact, its third major update to Windows...


Cracks in the Mac?

Since its introduction, the Mac’s share of the pro audio market has been hugely disproportionate to its general market share. It upended the Amiga—at the time, a better choice for multimedia—and the Atari line, which promoted its musical chops....


Touching and MIDI and Clouds—Oh My!

Although Apple wasn’t at NAMM, it chose that time slot to introduce Logic Pro X 10.3. And in typical Apple fashion, it embodied three of the trends that are making a lot of noise in our pro audio world:...


Interfacing with Interfaces at NAMM 2017

NAMM has been making an effort to get pro audio more involved in the show, and the 2017 NAMM convention had more bait than usual to reel in the professional crowd. The new generation of audio interfaces is all...


EQ: The Next Generation

When plugins first appeared, the goal was often to provide virtual equivalents of hardware devices—similarly to how CGI originally reproduced reality less expensively. But just as CGI graduated to creating virtual environments that could exist only inside a computer,...


Testing, Testing

Let’s salute the unsung hero of modern recording software: test and measurement. In the days of tape, your test gear was VU meters that sorta indicated when something was happening, a volt-ohmmeter in case you had to fix a...

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