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Dan Wothke

Articles From This Author

Gear and Technology

Live Review: Behringer X32 Digital Console

Intuitive, flexible, and affordable, the Behringer X32 is an ideal option for houses-of-worship, larger clubs/music venues, and other multifaceted, multi-operator live sound venues. My first venture with a Behringer digital board was the DDX3216, which came out over a...


Our Road to Digital

We’ve all seen it: the subconscious proverbial eye roll whenever techies start talking about a new piece of gear that we “must have.”

Gear and Technology

Worship Audio: Our Road To Digital

Worship Audio: Our Road to Digital  By Dan Wothke Twelve years ago, our house of worship — Belmont Church of Nashville — increased the level of commitment to media; we started with audio. This included contracting with Live Technologies on...


JBL VRX900 Series Line Array

Whether introducing new self-powered or passive components, JBL refuses to rest on its loudspeaker laurels while continually expanding the company’s product line to fulfill yet another pro audio niche.

Gear and Technology

JBL PRX535 Loudspeakers

Regardless of your PA configuration, it has always proven handy to have a set or two of self-powered loudspeakers available for convenience … providing they are up to the task.


ADK Pro Audio LYVE Tracker

The widespread acceptance of Yamaha digital consoles amongst live sound professionals has spawned the need for a compatible and easily interfaced digital recorder — one that provides engineers with the ability to capture both live and studio performances.


Neumann KMS 104

Neumann is arguably the most recognized microphone name in the business, so when I heard about the KMS 104, the company's newest live vocal microphone, I immediately took notice.


Review: Cakewalk SONAR 10 DAW

Cakewalk and its line of MIDI sequencers have been around for nearly 15 years now - the equivalent to about a thousand years in any other industry. With humble beginnings on MS-DOS computers in the mid-1980s, the Cakewalk software...