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Dave Rideau

Articles From This Author


DPA Microphones 3541 Studio Microphone Kit

DPA Microphones has officially entered the large diaphragm high-end microphone arena with its 3541 studio microphone kit. Known primarily for its laser-accurate 4000 Series microphones, which reflect DPA's test and measurement heritage, the company's new offering shows a fresh...


Neumann M 49 Microphone

Very few events in audio history have had as much impact on the industry as the founding of the Neumann microphone company in 1928. Georg Neumann started production in Berlin with the first industrially manufactured condenser microphone, the CMV...


Fairlight Merlin Disk-Based Multitrack Recorder/Editor

Merlin is Fairlight's new disk-based multitrack that is prepared to meet the competition (Otari RADAR II and the Euphonix R1) head-on in the music, broadcast and post production industries. With the advanced performance of nonlinear digital audio technology integrated...

Gear and Technology

Amek 9098I Console

Every day it becomes harder to make inroads into the seemingly one-dimensional high-end analog console market. In the L.A. area many studio owners are rushing to buy the same board to satisfy the needs of a clientele who insist...