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Edd Forké

Articles From This Author


Electro-Voice RE-1 Wireless System

Any "live sound" guy always has uses for wireless mics, whether for voice or instruments. The flexibility and freedom afforded by "wirelessness" is high on the list of sound reinforcement must-haves. Any new wireless mic that comes along, especially...


Earthworks Flex Series Microphones

Earthworks' Flex Microphones, $400 each, are intended for podium use, as hanging choir mics and for a variety of instrument applications. They are equally adept at handling soft vocals or high SPL drums.


Fender Model 1270 1270P Stage Monitors

The Fender Model 1270 ($199.99) is a lightweight, portable loudspeaker designed for small or crowded stages, or for isolated applications like a backstage monitor for cuing. The Model 1270P ($399.99) is a powered version with a built-in amplifier, tone...

Gear and Technology

Superscope PAC770

The Superscope PAC770 contains a CD player, cassette recorder, mixer and amplifier in a compact, rackmountable (4 RU) enclosure; the unit is 18 inches deep and weighs just under 40 lbs. It is suitable for a variety of audio...