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Frank Wells

Articles From This Author


PAR Editorial: On The Importance Of Gear

One regular client from my studio days, a superlative golden-eared producer/engineer, had a plethora of exotic analog outboard gear that he married in to a digital workflow. Then one day, he put the whole lot on eBay. He said...


Radial & Jensen Merge

By Frank Wells. In its 40th year of business, and on the 70th birthday of then owner/president, Bill Whitlock, the contracts were inked to sell Jensen Transformers to Radial Engineering, its biggest customer.


Sweetwater’s Heartland Homecoming

Sweetwater Sound launched its GearFest in Fort Wayne, Indiana 12 years ago, and aside from a break while the company’s new headquarters was being built several years back, the event has been held annually since, each year setting new...

Under The Hood: Semiconductors In Audio

Semiconductors are essential building blocks of most modern electronics, with the progression from discrete transistors to integrated circuits largely universal, chips dominating usage.


Shure: Evolving, Expanding, Leading

At microphone maker Shure Inc., business in general is “considerably up from last year,” says president and CEO Sandy LaMantia: “Without hesitation, I can tell you we’re financially stable, have no debt and are doing very well.”


The Details We Used To Sweat

While looking back at some archival material on the web, I was struck by a realization of just how little we are now concerned by some of what were Major Issues just a few short years ago.

Music Production

API Debuts The Box

NASHVILLE, TN—Mixing in The Box takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of the small footprint, full-featured API The Box analog console.


Is The End Of The Loudness Wars In Sight?

During a Producers and Engineers Wing “Quality Sound Matters” event earlier this year, mastering luminary Bob Ludwig addressed the ongoing issues of the loudness wars and the overuse of compression and limiting.


Building The New On An Old Foundation

When welcoming attendees at this summer’s 50th AES International Conference on Audio Education at Middle Tennessee State University, the new dean of the MTSU College of Mass Communications, former USA Today editor-in-chief Ken Paulson, related conversations he has had...


Sweetwater GearFest Rocks Fort Wayne

Sweetwater Sound, the USA’s third largest retailer of music instruments and pro audio equipment, held its annual customer homecoming event, GearFest 2013, in June at the company’s headquarters. By the numbers, some 200 manufacturers participated, filling 12 outdoor tents;...


Q&A: Genelec’s Music Creation Series

Genelec is poised to release the first products in its new Music Creation line, the M Series of bi-amplified, active monitors: “high-performance, environmentally sustainable active monitors designed with the project studio in mind.” Will Eggleston, responsible for technical marketing...


THAT’s Business Today

Recently, Pro Sound News editor, Frank Wells, sat down with Les Tyler, president of audio semiconductor manufacturer THAT Corp., to discuss the myriad issues, opportunities and tech trends facing the semiconductor business—and in particular, THAT's niche in pro audio.


The VUE From The Road

By Frank Wells. VUE Audiotechnik introduced the first of the new company’s loudspeakers at this year’s InfoComm conference, and is now currently on the road, crisscrossing the country and introducing its cabinets to select audiences in exclusive demos. Pro...


The Eternal Quest

Where are you finding new music these days? As ever more music is entering the marketplace (that “democratization of the music industry” mantra again), the vehicles for promotion and distribution are equally diverse and individually less...


Where Art Intersects Science

This month’s issue focuses on preamps and channel strips, on those first-stage devices that couple microphones to the rest of the signal chain, selected for the character that they bring to a recording.


Dynamic Intervention

As discussed in our cover story this month, the CALM Act regulations on television loudness finally go fully into effect later this year.


NRW+E 2012: All In Service of the Song

Nashville, TN—“Songs, that’s the best stuff. Songs.” With those words, artist and personal studio owner Keb Mo, kicked off the 2012 Nashville Recording Workshop + Expo, the third in the series, in early March.


NAB Pro Audio Pit Halftime Recap

The Pro Audio Pit at NAB has been bringing some of the industry’s sharpest minds together. It’s been a great venue for highlighting the issues facing broadcast audio. The panelists have been both entertaining and informative, from Frank Serafine...


It’s All About the Song

During a vinyl vs. CD discussion in Pro Sound News’ Linked In group, a contributor commented that “it’s all about the song and performance.”


It’s About Time

Once upon a time, when budgets were huge, a studio could expect up to a month’s worth of work on a major project


A-T Marks 50th Anniversary

Under the banner, “50 Years of Passionate Listening,” Audio- Technica is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2012, a success story that has seen the company grow from modest beginnings to a worldwide presence in the specialized transducer marketplace, including...

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