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Janice Brown

Articles From This Author


The State of Recording

This is an expanded version of the "State of Recording" cover story found in the October, 2012 issue of Pro Sound News. Once upon a time, some saw the commercial recording studio as an endangered species. And, to...


Composer Builds IDream/I Studio

By Janice Brown Fort Worth, TX (July 9, 2007)--When composer/producer John Evans decided to create a music production environment inside his home, he avoided typical home studio limitations by heeding the advice of studio designer Russ Berger, who's happy...


Producer/Engineers Talk Vocal Treatment

By Janice Brown From the Pro Sound News June 2007 Issue: While microphones and mic pres may be the most influential tools on a lead vocal sound, today's engineers also rely on processing plug-ins to help in the basic...


Sony Music Studios To Close

By Janice Brown New York, NY (June 15, 2007)--It was announced this week that Sony Music Studios will be closing. According to a company spokesperson, Sony BMG Music Entertainment has signed a purchase and sale agreement for the property...


David Cole Helps Make IPromise/I

By Janice Brown Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2007)--Producer/engineer David Cole likens producing to being an Olympic coach. "You know the artist's abilities and talents, and it's your job to push them to realize their full potential," he explains,...


Long Island Recording Studio For Sale

By Janice Brown Merrick, NY (April 20, 2007)--Media Recording Studio, located 30 miles from Midtown Manhattan, on Long Island, is up for sale. Owner/operator Steve Young is retiring, and putting the intact facility and equipment on the market. This...


Powered Plug-ins In Action

by Janice Brown Producer/engineers and recording musician/composers can all benefit from the bonus plug-in processing power added with DSP acceleration card and eternal box processors. The following end-users have extended their DAW system with at least one such plug-in...

Music Production

Keeping the Beat Drum Programming By Five Pros

By Janice Brown February 2007--While drums are generally regarded as one of the few lasting "live" tracking imperatives, drum programming and rhythm track enhancing software tools are some of the great collaborators in music production. For electronic music producers...


Echo Mountain Rises

By Janice Brown Asheville, NC (January 29, 2006)--Asheville, NC has been "on the map" among the hippest of mountain towns for years, and it just got even hipper. By happy accident, Steve Wilmans discovered Asheville and a for-sale 1920s...


Hit Factory Condos For Sale

New York, NY (August 18, 2006)--I just walked by the Hit Factory on 54th Street on my way to Sony Studios and to my surprise found the scaffolding outside branded with advertising: "Hit Factory Condos: Live in The House...


Studio Showcase A Day In The Sun

Cotati, CA (March 28, 2006)--A rural Sonoma Valley residential recording facility, Prairie Sun Studios has been around since 1980, but it may well be in the midst of a heyday. The drop-off in major label work that has closed...


Getting Friendly With M-Audio Ozonic

New York, NY (January 2006)--I'm certainly one of "the masses" Digidesign expected to reach when its parent company acquired M-Audio, forging a synergy that has yielded the recent and very accessible Pro Tools M-Powered software release. With the purchase...


An Artists Dream Integrated Studios

New York, NY--DJ/musician Derek Ferguson's concept for Integrated Studios may seem a bit Utopian to the more business-minded. Rather than focusing solely on investment return, he and his brother created this multimedia production facility as a place in which...


Grand Ole Oprys 80th Captured at Carnegie Hall

New York, NY (December 28, 2005)--New York City totally went country last month, with the CMA Awards happening, for the first time ever, in NYC's Madison Square Garden, and the Grand Ole Opry bringing its 80th Anniversary show to...


Atlas Guides Adams

Spring Hill, FL (December 15, 2005)--Tom Adams' brand-new and as yet unnamed Spring Hill, FL-based recording studio has been tailor-made to suit a unique concept. "The idea was to mimic the listening environment that I've most enjoyed listening to...


No Frills Space Gets Big Sound

New York, NY (November 23, 2005)--One of New York City's most unique commercial recording studios, Theater 99--located in a 1940s vaudeville theater--was sold and privatized nearly three years ago. Luckily for adventurous recording artists everywhere, producer/engineers Guy Benny, Raeann...


StudioJory Gets In The Game

Fairfax, CA (November 18, 2005)--Just about a year ago this month, recording engineer Jory Prum opened his new facility,, equipped to handle all kinds of audio projects, but conceived of and designed specifically for the gaming market. Physically,...


Plug-Ins Challenge Retailers

Marketing and selling plug-ins, soft synths and virtual instruments for DAWs presents a different set of challenges to pro audio retailer/dealers than the hardware many of them have sold for years. While software customers make savvier buyers, showing up...