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Jaques Sonyieux

Articles From This Author

Music, Etc

Music, Etc.: David Crosby—Song Servant

At age 76, David Crosby’s work has spanned multiple generations—notably as a founding member of quintessential rock acts The Byrds, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young—whose music has permeated the very fabric of American culture.

Music, Etc

Music, Etc.: Loughman Comes Full Circle

Mark Loughman's Bleedin' Aura, released on Spitfire Music this year, hinges on his English indie-rock roots, demanding an active listening experience as each of its nine songs shimmer with gritty authenticity. On the record, Loughman—who co-produced the album himself...

Music, Etc

Music, Etc.: Def Leppard Reignites The Spark

For many of us, Def Leppard represents the mass onset of '80s 'anthem rock'—but beyond this stereotypical persona is a tight knit, sharp-edged band that has worked and toured relentlessly since its debut album On Through The Night—which hit...


Music, Etc.: The Big Picture

In 2006, Casey Crescenzo set out on an ambitious project, especially for a 23-year-old: to create a multiple-act concept album in six parts that would take well over decade to complete.


Music Etc. : Marchesano Journey

Having built a successful career as a record producer since the late 1980s, California-based Michael James has gone on to become one of the music industry’s most prolific producer/mix engineers.


Music Etc.: Sweet Emotion

Tim Showalter, the principal songwriter and musician behind Strand of Oaks, puts it all out on the table on his latest album, Heal—a treasure trove of cathartic emotion, all expressed through an delicious stew of vintage synthesizers and heavy...


Music Etc.: Blessed in the Studio

Since hitting the post-hardcore scene in 2007 and earning a spot on the Warped Tour that same year, Phoenix-based Blessthefall’s career has skyrocketed as its intensity and energy continues to earn it new audiences around the world.


Music Etc: Filmic and Riveting

Jake Smith, who records and performs under the moniker The White Buffalo, just released his new album, Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways—which immediately debuted at Number One on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart.