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Jeremy Blasongame

Articles From This Author

The Voice Coil

The Long Tail

There are different ways to create space in a mix. You can do it by panning sources from the center to one side to the other to create space. Other times the sounds themselves are in conflict...

The Voice Coil

The Wrong Way to EQ?

We’ve all been there before. We’re halfway through sound check, we’ve done our gain structure and we’re neck deep in EQ’ing and compressing and level balancing all our sources to create a fabulous mix. Sadly, though, it’s not working....

The Voice Coil

Budgeting for Church Tech?

I was sitting in a church all-staff lunch, much like we do every Tuesday afternoon. This really is a time to get to catch up with other people on staff we normally don’t see or interface with on a...

The Voice Coil

Darth Soundguy

In the world of mixing for churches, much of mixing is sound reinforcement, that is, you are adding volume to what is already coming from the stage. In situations like this, miking the guitar amps, the...