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Marc Maes

Articles From This Author


40-45: Beyond the traditional musical

On October 7, Studio 100 premiered the musical 40-45. which also marked the first time the new Digico SD7 with Quantum Engines and Theatre software was used on a production of this scale, Marc Maes spoke went behind the...


Lawo router scores on film music tour

The Nova37 hybrid router played a key role in the undertaking of last month’s Vladimir Cosma concert tour, linking up mixing consoles and stagebox via the RAVENNA protocol


Sportpaleis FM on air with AerOn

The Sportpaleis Group, which operates five venues, three theatres and a nightclub, has launched a dedicated radio station with a technical studio based on Broadcast Partners' radio automation software


Rock Werchter: Programme reprogrammed!

It was an all-digital line-up on the console front at this year’s Rock Werchter in Belgium, and Adamson has something to celebrate too. Marc Maes was there for the soundcheck

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