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Richard King

Articles From This Author


Chord SPA 1424 Mono Power Amplifier

Although the name sounds new to most American readers, UK-based Chord Electronics has been around for more than 15 years, and are well-established in the UK, Europe and Asia (and has had a toehold in the US in select...


Focus Audio FS-68 Closefield Loudspeaker

In the search for the "perfect bookshelf loudspeaker" (an oxymoron in itself!), I have come across many models that have been very satisfactory for pop listening, but entirely inappropriate for classical program. Musical content with strings come back sounding...


Genex Audio GX9048 Multitrack Recorder

The early to mid '90s brought about the first widespread use of the rewritable/quick access magneto optical disc in the audio industry. Sony produced the PCM 9000, which recorded two tracks on a proprietary MO disc with great success.

Gear and Technology

Sony Oxford R-3 Digital Console

The Sony Oxford is an imposing sight when first viewed. With its multiple LCD monitors (either four or up to seven on the fully configured 24C24) and sleek design, it has a look reminiscent of something found on the...