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Rob Tavaglione

Articles From This Author

Product Reviews

Review: KEF LSX Monitors

By Rob Tavaglione. New LSX monitors from KEF aim squarely at the intersection between pro and consumer and satisfies both camps with app-driven operation, professional performance and an emphasis on convenience for all parties.

Product Reviews

Review: Neumann KH80 DSP Monitors

By Rob Tavaglione. At right around $1K per pair at retail, these KH80 DSPs are hardly the most affordable of the micro-monitors out there today. They are, however, the most advanced, the most flexible, and quite likely the best...


Rob’s Fave Waves Plug-Ins

A lot can happen in a year - workflows change, gear gets swapped out, projects come and go. With all that in mind, we asked producer/engineer/regular PSN contributor Rob Tavaglione what plug-ins he's been turning to over the last...

Product Reviews

Review: JST Sidewidener Plug-In

By Rob Tavaglione. Did I mention that I’m currently obsessed with shaping the stereo field? I should also mention that the stereo-izing of mono tracks has been part of that width obsession, too. Day after day, I’m called on...

Product Reviews

Review: iRig Acoustic Stage

By Rob Tavaglione. IK Multimedia makes a number of gadgets, accessories and forward-thinking tools that are geared towards the postmodern performing and self-recording musician. However, its new iRig Acoustic Stage is a must-have for both live and studio sound...


Ambisonics, VR and New Audio Frontiers

By Rob Tavaglione. The acronyms with the most buzz this year must be VR and AR: virtual reality and augmented reality, respectively. They brought mass market awareness with those TV commercials featuring awestruck consumers with HMDs (head-mounted displays/devices) for...

Product Reviews

Review: Rupert Neve Shelford Channel

By Rob Tavaglione. A new microphone channel from Rupert Neve Designs (RND)—oh, boy! It’s no secret that I love a powerful channel strip, especially if it has numerous options and heavenly transformers. But what about a new RND channel...

Product Reviews

Review: Roswell Delphos LDC Mic

By Rob Tavaglione. Matthew McGlynn undoubtedly knows microphones. As the creator of the Recording Hacks website, I imagine Matt sat down and evaluated all the best and worst qualities of numerous makes and models during the design of his...

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