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Rob Tavaglione

Articles From This Author

Gear and Technology

Rob’s Fave Waves Plug-Ins

A lot can happen in a year - workflows change, gear gets swapped out, projects come and go. With all that in mind, we asked producer/engineer/regular PSN contributor Rob Tavaglione what plug-ins he's been turning to over the last...

Gear and Technology

Review: JST Sidewidener Plug-In

By Rob Tavaglione. Did I mention that I’m currently obsessed with shaping the stereo field? I should also mention that the stereo-izing of mono tracks has been part of that width obsession, too. Day after day, I’m called on...

Gear and Technology

Review: iRig Acoustic Stage

By Rob Tavaglione. IK Multimedia makes a number of gadgets, accessories and forward-thinking tools that are geared towards the postmodern performing and self-recording musician. However, its new iRig Acoustic Stage is a must-have for both live and studio sound...

Music Production

Ambisonics, VR and New Audio Frontiers

By Rob Tavaglione. The acronyms with the most buzz this year must be VR and AR: virtual reality and augmented reality, respectively. They brought mass market awareness with those TV commercials featuring awestruck consumers with HMDs (head-mounted displays/devices) for...

Gear and Technology

Review: Roswell Delphos LDC Mic

By Rob Tavaglione. Matthew McGlynn undoubtedly knows microphones. As the creator of the Recording Hacks website, I imagine Matt sat down and evaluated all the best and worst qualities of numerous makes and models during the design of his...

Gear and Technology

Review: Blue Bottle Locker Tube Mic Kit

What would we get if we convinced a top microphone manufacturer to build the ultimate microphone and then surround it with all the proper flexibilities (e.g., multiple capsules, a power supply with adjustable sensitivity and fool-proof cartage)? If Blue...

Studio Sense

Bizarro World

No matter your political persuasion, you must admit that the recent election cycle has been crazy and has taken some sort of toll on all of us. I know many people, from both sides of the aisle,...

Studio Sense

Scam Alert!

If you’re a small pro audio-oriented business owner—studio owner, audio engineer, live sound provider, all of the above—you’ve surely warded off attempted scams, phishing, spoofs and/or hacks in recent times. Anyone who has sold expensive audio equipment via Craigslist...

Studio Sense

Dear American High School Student

Audio engineering does provide some challenging and lucrative opportunity, but frankly those positions are under heavy competition. With today’s audio educators doing a fantastic job of providing employers with well-trained and able-minded interns, the modern employer is cherry picking...

Gear and Technology

Review: Black Lion 500 Series Preamps

Black Lion Audio is now a contender in pro audio manufacturing—not just hot rodding. With a nicely improved product line (including its much-heralded word clock), sonic variety and market-leading prices, it appears to be a front-runner in the “vintage...

Studio Sense

Headphone Freakout Solutions

As an engineer or producer, you’re surely used to seeing weird looks on the faces of the talent—maybe it’s just looking through the glass?—but sometimes, frankly, it’s almost too much to bear. You’ve been there: You ...

Gear and Technology

Review: Hofa 4U+ BlindTest Plug-in

Hofa, my new favorite plug-in maker, first grabbed me with their absolutely thorough—and crazily affordable—CD Burn and DDP software that sublimely put my disc mastering issues to rest. Now they’ve done it again with the 4U+ BlindTest plug-in (AU...

Gear and Technology

Review: Fostex T50RPmk3 Headphone

Fostex has been making headphones with durability, low (ish) impedance, high efficiency and an overall “fuller than brighter” sonic signature for quite some time. I’ve purchased numerous T20RP, T40RP and T50RP models over the years and even reviewed the...

Gear and Technology

Review: AMS-Neve 1073 DPX

If any one of us were the mythical “desert island engineer”— hypothetically limited to which gear we could have in our possession to practice our craft—how many would choose a pair of Neve 1073 for our stereo front-end?

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