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Russ Long

Articles From This Author

Product Reviews

Review: Harrison Mixbus 32C DAW

Shortly after the release of Mixbus 3, Harrison next unveiled Mixbus32C ($299 direct), a Mixbus DAW variation incorporating the Mixbus 3 feature set and workflow that is explicitly based on the Harrison 32C analog console.

Product Reviews

Review: Mesanovic Ribbon Mics

The Mesanovic Model 2 and Model 2S are beautifully designed world-class microphones that promise to provide a lifetime of service based on their especially high-grade build quality. Best of all, the Model 2 and Model 2S are reasonably priced...

Product Reviews

Review: Q2 Audio ADR Compex F760X-RS

By Russ Long. The ADR Compex F760X-RS ($2,750) is a classic FET based compressor/limiter/expander/gate and has been a go-to box for many engineers over the past several decades. The vintage units continue to garner top dollar from those in...

Product Reviews

AEA RPQ500 500 Series Pre/EQ

To ensure that engineers have a high-quality mic pre option specifically designed for (but thankfully not limited to) use with ribbon microphones, Audio Engineering Associates (AEA) first released The Ribbon Mic Pre, followed by the AEA RPQ, and then...

New Products

Review: KB Keyboard Covers for Apple Computers

Going KB for your DAW’s keyboard and/or keyboard cover provides superior protection as well as operational information, all at your fingertips.  KB Covers provides high quality keyboard covers for Mac desktop and laptop computers and they also make custom...

Product Reviews

Review: AVID Pro Tools|HDX

Generation HDX provides Pro Tools users with Avid’s most powerful and fastest DAW to date. Pro Tools|HD has spent a decade at the pinnacle of the recording industry where it has been the staple system against which every DAW...

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