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Strother Bullins

Articles From This Author

Gear and Technology

Cutting The Cord: Wireless Tech Trends

By Strother Bullins. As of late, our industry is experiencing a significant transition to wireless audio and control technologies that effectively take the place of traditional cables, connections and other associated physical devices. From neat little input tools to...


Studio Showcase: National Southwestern Recording

By Strother Bullins. Behind 11th Street Records, a vinyl store at the corner of 11th and Fremont streets in downtown Las Vegas, sits National Southwest Recording—a self-professed “rock and roll recording studio,” featuring classic and proven gear alongside the...


Studio Showcase: Beach Road

By Strother Bullins. JUNO Award-winning producer, engineer, songwriter and mixer Siegfried Meier owns Beach Road Studios, a private recording, mixing and mastering facility overlooking lovely Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada on a sprawling farm. At the age of 5,...


Today’s Incredible Shrinking Mixer

By Strother Bullins. Many of us still pine for large, traditionally styled mixers built around dedicated, perinput channel strips, physical knobs and faders. Yet many are likewise considering—and subsequently buying—what are essentially smaller touchscreen-equipped products and/or I/O devices that...


Globally Minded Thrive at Messe/PL+S

In early April, the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre once again featured worldwide unveilings of new MI and pro audio products augmented by subsequent debuts of pro live sound and lighting manufacturers’ wares, all showcased in over a dozen...

HOW Sound

HOW-To: Acoustic Treatment for HOWs

The audio involved in most church services today is a blend of spoken word, singing voices and music with instrumentation that ranges from minimalistic— e.g., one piano, organ or guitar—to complex—perhaps something rivaling a Broadway production.

Gear and Technology

Review: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, 2i2 I/Os

By Strother Bullins. Modern multi-I/O interfaces have changed the process of recording for most of us thanks to their incredible built-in conveniences. The Windows-and Mac-ready Scarlett USB interface range from Focusrite—reviewed here via its Generation 2 2i2 and 18i20...


Seen on the Scene: Pro Light+Sound 2017

The 2017 editions of the Pro Light+Sound and Musikmesse conventions, held simultaneously in Frankfurt, Germany, offered visitors a direct line on the latest in pro audio and the MI world. There was tons of gear, hundreds of...


Clone Wars: Inside The Vintage-Style Mic Biz

By Strother Bullins. While most of us live nearly on the bleeding edge of tech in relation to digital recording tools, our industry, somewhat ironically, celebrates large diaphragm condenser (LDC) microphone aesthetics and designs that were first unveiled well...

Gear and Technology

At PL+S: HUM Bows Unique RS-2 Mic

Polish boutique pro audio manufacturer HUM Audio Devices utilized the opportunity of Pro Light + Sound (PL+S) 2017 to unveil the RS-2, the “world’s first remote controlled stereo/M-S ribbon microphone with built-in high-end (Class A) discrete mic preamps,” according...


Studio Showcase: Big Rude Recording

By Strother Bullins. Based outside of Wilmington, North Carolina in New Hanover County, Big Rude Recording was founded by Chase O’Neal, an energetic young engineer keenly aware of the importance of vibe in recording environments. As such, Big Rude...

Music Production

Interfacing With End-Users

By Strother Bullins. As is common in tech industries, “faster” and “more” are generally top features of new products unveiled in professional audio. This is arguably most apparent within our recording interface category; today, highly portable, comprehensively featured interfaces...

Gear and Technology

Review: Audio-Technica AE2300 Mic

In choosing the most appropriate microphone in live instrument applications, positioning can often be as important as sonic quality; today, there are many superb-sounding yet awkwardly sized or obtrusive microphones that I might like to use on, say, snare...

Gear and Technology

RME Bows Digiface USB Portable I/O

Synthax, Inc. has announced the “extremely compact” RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface to the American marketplace, featuring four optical ADAT/SPDIF I/O and a high-quality analog line/phones output via TRS for Mac and PC USB 2 devices.


Studio Showcase: Valenzo Recording

With Mexico City’s Valenzo Recording Studio truly thriving a year from its opening, Horatio Malvicino, designer and managing director of Malvicino Design Group—an architectural, acoustical and technical systems design and consulting firm based in New York City—has much to...


The Evolution of Portable PA

By Strother Bullins. For many, a “portable PA” (PPA) has long been the lightest, smallest and most basic live sound reinforcement tool that one can possibly cram into a hatchback along with instruments, musicians and so on. The product...


Software, AoIP Tech Debuts at AES

It is now common knowledge that 25 percent of the manufacturers exhibiting at the annual AES Convention are live sound-oriented, but their impact throughout pro audio is even more dramatic.

Gear and Technology

Review: EV ND Series Live Mics

One of my favorite handheld dynamic microphones of all-time is Electro-Voice’s PL80a, the brand’s top supercardioid dynamic; it is uniquely frequency-sculpted to better translate vocals in common live environments, allowing them to sit notably snug yet prominently in a...

Music Production

Studio Showcase: ICMP Studio

Console designer David Dearden’s latest version of the audient aSp8024—the aSp8024-He, or the Heritage edition—was recently installed at the London-based institute of Contemporary music (iCmp), where new studios have been christened for its burgeoning music production program.

Gear and Technology

Lectrosonics Bows IFBR1a Update

Lectrosonics has introduced version 4.0 firmware for its IFBR1a belt-pack receiver, adding new functionality in which it may be operated in two distinct user interface modes: Scan Mode, exhibiting the original behavior of the IFBR1a receiver where users can...


AES Presidents—Past, Present, Future

The recent Audio Engineering Society’s 141st Convention saw transitions for its three successive leaders of the recent past, present and near future—John Krivit, Alex Case and David Scheirman, respectively. Together, these passionate industry authorities are quite a confidence-building team,...


Case Makes the Case for AES

Having devoted his professional career to the studies of aesthetics, perception, signal processing, electro-acoustics and room acoustics as part of recorded music, incoming AES President Alex Case is an Associate Professor of Sound Recording Technology at the University of...


AES Convention Ready To Immerse LA

Returning to downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, the Audio Engineering Society’s 141st Convention promises to plunge attendees deep into the evolving technologies of professional audio in 2016 via special focuses on new markets and trends. Meanwhile, historic reference to...

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