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Tony Angelini

Articles From This Author


M-Audio FireWire 410

Since 1988, M-Audio, formerly Midiman, has changed the definition of the word "studio," inventing and distributing innovative computer-centric products that offer portability, audio-quality, and quick and accurate editing options. The bottom line is that they allow creative options and...


Audix M1290 Micro Condenser Microphone

The Audix M1290 ($399) condenser microphone is a member of the Audix Micro series, the newest line of microphones from Audix. The company claims that these microphones are the world's smallest condenser microphones with an integrated preamp and detachable...


Audio-Technica AT899 Subminiature Microphone

When considering a microphone for use in the theatre, musical or otherwise, size does indeed matter, as does sound quality. Audio-Technica's new AT899 subminiature condenser microphone certainly delivers in both departments, and with characteristics that compare with larger A-T...