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60 Seconds: David Webster, Coda Audio

David “Webby” Webster director of Global Marketing, which, of course, entails more than just marketing.

Q: What is your new position, and what does it entail?
It’s director of Global Marketing, which, of course, entails more than just marketing. CODA has a strong internal structure and we’re at the stage where we need to develop a similarly effective external structure, so I’d say the role involves working in partnership with Paul Ward to develop and implement a global strategy for CODA Audio.

Q: How has your background prepared you for your new role?
Although it’s global, the audio industry is comparatively small and the interdependencies, especially where touring is concerned, are obvious. To be shifting speakers, cables and mixing consoles around the world, you need partners and you need solid mutual trust. My experience in the industry means that I already have multiple global relationships in these areas and as someone who was instrumental in delivering DiGiCo to the market, I’d say that I’m someone who will get a fair hearing. At CODA, we already know that the products are exceptional—getting that message out far and wide depends to some extent on people being prepared to listen to a trusted voice.

Q: What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?
You’re certain to see many brilliantly conceived initiatives, none of which I’ll be talking about here, as that would alert our respected competitors to our plans. If I told you…as the saying goes…I’d have to kill you!

Q: What are your short-and long-term goals?
The short term goal is to see as many people in the world using CODA systems as possible, and in the long-term, it’s for everyone to realize that we should be number one—and that, ultimately, we will be.

Q: What is the greatest challenge that you face?
Inertia! I think that it’s getting people to give sufficient time to really consider just what a genuine game-changer we have at their disposal. People are always interested in new and exciting innovations, but overcoming their natural reluctance to stray too far from the accepted industry ‘norms’ and give real time and attention to something, even in a technology-based field like ours, can be challenging.

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