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60 Seconds: Ilona Utriainen Adamson, VUE Audiotechnik

Get to know Ilona Utriainen Adamson, marketing director at VUE Audiotechnik.

Q: What is your new position, and what does it entail?

A: My job is marketing director. We had a wild discussion here on how Marketing Jedi-Master versus Marketing Demi-God may work on a business card. We settled on the ordinary. My job encompasses a really wide variety of tasks. Generally speaking, my daily grind consists of the many aspects of company positioning and the manner we present VUE Audiotechnik to the world. That can include everything from trade show stand design, to marketing materials design, as well as how we support and highlight our products and customers in the many modern media outlets.

Q: How has your background prepared you for your new role?

A: Beyond my tenure at Adamson Systems in Canada with whom I spent nine years, I have always been involved in creative fields, whether in film, theatre, graphic design or professional audio. I am also stubborn to a fault, which (I believe) gives me an advantage in working in a male-dominated field with strong personalities and brilliant minds. Then, of course, there are the less-quantifiable aspects of having experienced a very international upbringing and understanding the cultural differences, and how they affect various global markets. Also worth mentioning: being able to communicate in more than one language, (but in less than six), depending on the level of discussion.

Q: What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?

A: I’ll be improving and unifying some of the existing initiatives. The big thing for me is building a solid and uniform global company identity. I want everything that goes out the door to be immediately recognized as a VUE product or item. ken Berger and his team have been able to build those aspects and it’s impressive to land in my chair and see the scope of success VUE has achieved in its short time. The word “underdog” is not applicable here. There’s nothing but time separating us from some of the most successful companies in the pro-audio world.

Q: What are your short- and long-term goals?

A: Long-term goals are to strongly support all of our customers with the proper attention, whether in the press or in improving technical support materials. I plan to grow with the company, so I am sure the long-term goals today may be slightly different in a few years. For now, I’m organizing assets, creating marketing materials and learning how VUE prefers things done, all the while implementing my own ideas to the mix. It’s a fantastic group of people; there’s a lot to be learned from their combined experience.