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60 Seconds: Jeff Hawley, Allen & Heath

Get to know Jeff Hawley, marketing manager for Allen & Heath USA/American Music & Sound

Q: What is your new position, and what does it entail?

A: I am the marketing manager for Allen & Heath USA, working under the American Music & Sound umbrella. The shortest version of the job description is probably “handle all aspects of marketing for the brand in the US,” so it would include strategy and execution at all levels.

Q: How has your background prepared you for your new role?

A: While I have been in the music products industry for many years and that will certainly help, my past life (in a chronological sense, not a metaphysical one) was that of a professional jazz musician, an audio engineer and a producer. It is this part of my background that informs and guides most of the work I’m up to now with the team. I’ll be continually striving to look at the world from that vantage point, from the view of the customer.

Q: What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?

A: The current line of Allen & Heath products is really top-notch. It is truly unrivaled in many different aspects and across many different product ranges. The support for customers out in the field using the gear and for the sales network is tremendous—yet the profile and overall awareness of the brand doesn’t always follow. I’ll be focusing on closing that gap. In short, look for an increase in consumer-focused marketing and storytelling.

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Q: What are your short- and long-term goals?

A: I’d say that the biggest short-term goal is to really listen and gain a deep understanding of the market. I am well aware of our relative market share and the various industry players, but what are touring engineers saying about Allen & Heath? How can we best support the needs of AV installers? What are their pain points? Those sorts of qualitative insights don’t come from industry reports or fancy marketing tech tools; they require a real focus on listening to the proverbial ‘word on the street’. My long-term goal follows from that sort of focused listening—reacting to their comments and meeting their needs and ultimately positioning Allen & Heath as the most recognized, trusted and loved brand in the space.

The TL;DR version: Take over the audio world.

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Q: What is the greatest challenge that you face?

A: I’m not sure if it is necessarily the greatest challenge, but the pace of technological change is difficult to manage from a marketing standpoint. Whether or not we are exactly holding to Moore’s Law, it sure feels like it. We are increasingly faced with the ‘latest and greatest’ product coming at us as we work out how to best support and transition the last ‘latest and greatest’ product that seems like it just launched last week. Product lifecycle management seems to be increasingly tricky for those of us who deal in very tech-focused product categories.

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