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60 Seconds: Mark Humrichouser, Shure

Get to know Mark Humrichouser, vice president of global sales at Shure.

Mark Humrichouser
Mark Humrichouser

What is your new position and what does it entail?
In my new position as vice president of global sales, I am focused on leading Shure’s global sales team, which oversees our worldwide sales operations for pro audio, retail, integrated systems and emerging markets. We’ve tactfully transitioned to a vertical-focused market strategy, which has allowed us to tailor our sales and marketing teams for each specific vertical. Having this specialization across each market has empowered us to achieve success and better communicate the array of relevant applications of our products and services.

How has your background prepared you for your new role?
I’ve been fortunate to experience Shure from a multitude of different perspectives—as a customer, as a marketer, as a seller, as a channel lead, and even from the perspective of a market competitor at one point in my career. I’ve progressed from the seller position to a managerial role, but have remained highly “hands-on” with the customer throughout my career. These varying roles have provided me the opportunity to understand and truly integrate with the inner and outer workings of Shure as a company.

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What new marketing initiatives are we likely to see from the company?
Shure is always pushing itself to get closer to its customers and channel partners. We want to understand their needs and wants, build community and ultimately help make them more successful in whatever vertical they operate in. We’re highly invested in marketing and speaking more directly to each vertical, versus the broader marketing approach we’ve taken in the past. For example, we understand that the traditional MI customer is evolving, as this vertical has begun to care more and more about content creation. We’ve also acknowledged that with the convergence of AV and IT, there is a whole new customer base that we need to cater to. Our dedicated approach to engaging with each of these demographics is much more niche and calculated because of this industry evolution.

What are your short- and long-term goals?
In the short term, we’ll continue to focus on the reorganization and prioritization of each of our market verticals. Rather than operating under geographic autonomy, our goal is for each and every region to operate under one Shure direction, ensuring that we are driving forward globally consistent initiatives—all while remaining locally relevant.

In the longer term, our goal is to transform and evolve alongside our customers. As their needs change, so must our priorities. We have to remember that what got us here isn’t going to keep us here. We must remain open to change, evolving customer needs, changing buying habits and so much more. That said, as much as we evolve and grow, we still wish to stay true to our foundation and brand legacy.

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What is the greatest challenge you face?
Technology is a beautiful thing, and it has allowed us to communicate efficiently and effectively across regions; we’re able to make quick, informed decisions. Technologically, the world is getting smaller, but we have to remember that it’s still a big landscape to learn and manage. Additionally, on a daily basis, we’re challenged to increase our pace of innovation from both a product development and channel distribution standpoint.

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