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60 Seconds with B.J. Shaver of L-Acoustics

Get to know B.J. Shaver, L-Acoustics’ business development director for the install market across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

B.J. Shaver
B.J. Shaver

What is your new position, and what does it entail?

My new title with L-Acoustics is business development director for the install market across the United States, Canada and Latin America, and my role is to identify, nurture and develop integration opportunities, both geographically and vertically. Geographically, L-Acoustics has a large reach across the U.S. and Canada with the support of our application and sales teams that engage with consultants, designers and more than 60 certified providers for install (CPi). Vertically, we have seen considerable growth in sports venues, performing arts centers and houses of worship. With the development of immersive technologies and additional integration-friendly products, I look forward to working with our team here to cultivate new and existing partnerships where we can exceed our clients’ expectations when it comes to installed sound solutions.

How has your background prepared you for your new role?

I received my degree in electrical engineering from the University of Memphis to pursue a career in designing electronics for the building automation industry. While I enjoyed knowing about electronics to develop products, I found myself even more enthusiastic about understanding the desires of the customer in order to provide the right solution.

After spending several years with a systems integrator that had partnered with L-Acoustics on various projects, I had the opportunity to join the company in 2013 as its regional sales manager for the southern U.S. During that time, I most enjoyed my role in creating partnerships with customers and meeting their product needs, as well as connecting people with similar interests in order to help both businesses grow. I’ve been able to bring a lot of creative and technical people together in the South, and I now look forward to helping facilitate those types of relationships with colleagues and customers on a larger, continental level.

L-Acoustics Creates Americas Division, July 1, 2020

What are your short- and long-term goals?

In the short term, I’m seeking to identify the key stakeholders and opportunities present within our current market segments, as well as expand into any new channels with potential prospects that we may have not previously considered. L-Acoustics is often represented in medium-sized and larger venues, but we have products to accommodate spaces of all sizes, and our performance-to-price is linear no matter the size of the venue. We have so much to offer to small- to medium-sized spaces who often don’t think they are “ready” for L-Acoustics, and it’s my goal, working in a strategic way with our regional sales manager team, to show them what L-Acoustics can provide.

My long-term goal is to work with our product management, marketing, and applications and sales teams to implement an effective and continued growth strategy for the Americas that is a culmination of the initiatives and relationships developed in the short term. My vision is that L-Acoustics will become an easily digestible solution for all sizes, shapes and purposes of market, whether it be a school, an arena or a boutique restaurant.

View from the Top: Alan Macpherson, CEO of L-Acoustics; Americas Division, and L-Acoustics founder Christian Heil

What is the greatest challenge you face?

Hello, COVID-19! We are all unsure of the current market and what the “recovered” market will look like, but we do know that people desire to gather, and fixed installation is a desirable path during this downtime and return to normalcy. In this environment, we are always looking at the best- and worst-case scenarios, and educating ourselves on the paths of action. I’m glad to be part of a team that is looking for solutions and not waiting for the problem to change or go away. It’s how we adapt to these circumstances that makes us stronger in the long run.

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