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AES Sets B’cast, Stream Sessions

David Bialik, Broadcast and Streaming Sessions chair, has announced his program for the 131st AES Convention.

New York, NY (July 21, 2011)–David Bialik, Broadcast and Streaming Sessions chair, has announced his program for the 131st AES Convention.

“Significant technical and sociological changes which impacted the broadcast industry over the past decade have affected every corner of the pro audio industry,” remarked Jim Anderson, the 131st AES Convention chair. “In his 25th turn as Broadcast/Streaming Chair, David Bialik continues to deliver ‘destination’ sessions of real consequence to our attendees.”

Broadcast streaming events include:

Improving the Streaming Audience Experience

Moderator: Bill Sacks, Dolby Labs. Panel: Rusty Hodge, SomaFM; Michael Daskalopoulos, Dolby; Markell Lanbright, CBS Radio; Greg Ogonowski, Orban.

Streaming and Encoding
Moderator: David Bialik. Panel: Jeff Reidmiller/Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs; Todd Baker, SRS; Jan Nordmann, Fraunhoffer USA; Greg Ogonowski, Orban.

Working with Content Delivery Networks
Moderator: Ray Archie, CBS. Panel: TBA.

Facility Design – Renovation and Retrofitting
Moderator: John Storyk, Walters-Storyk Design Group. Panel: Howie Schwartz, HSRNY; others TBA.

Audio Engineering – Supporting People with Disabilities
Moderator: Eric Small, Modulation Sciences. Panel: Alison Greenwald Neplokh, Chief Engineer, FCC Media Bureau; Joel Snyder, Audio Description Project, American Council of the Blind.

Listener Fatigue and Retention
Moderator: David Wilson, CEA. Panel: Ellyn Sheffield, Towson U. (MD); Sean Olive, Greg Monti, Citadel Media; Frank Foti, Omnia; Greg Ogonowski, Orban; Thomas Lund, TC Electronics; and Todd Baker, SRS Labs.

FM Stereo Broadcast’s 50th Anniversary
David Bialik and the AES NY Section.

Television Loudness and Metadata
Moderator: Skip Pizzi, NAB. Panel: Robert Seidel, CBS; Jeff Reidmiller or Steve Lyman, Dolby; Andrew Mason, BBC.

Lip Sync Issue
Moderator: Jon Abrams, Nutmeg Post. Panel: Steve Lyman, Dolby Labs; others TBA.

Sound Effects for “The Witches of Lublin”
Sue Zizza, director/producer; David Shinn, master engineer; and SFX artists: Butch D’Ambrosio, Sylvaana Pinto and Mark Wiener.

Audio Processing for Radio
Moderator: Steve Fluker, Cox Radio. Panel: Bob Orban, Orban; Frank Foti, Omnia Audio; others TBA

Considerations for Facility Design
Moderator: Bice Wilson, Meridian Designs. Panel: TBA

New Initiatives in Digital Audio Playback and Automation for Radio
Moderator: Paul McLane, Radio World. Panel: Don Backus, Enco; Jim Hammond, Wide Orbit; Hari Samrat, Broadcast Electronics.

Media Files Management: Storage, Backup and Retrieval of Your Assets
Moderator: David Prentice, Dale Pro Audio.

Society of Broadcast Engineers Certification Exams
Time, location and walk-up registration details: TBA.

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