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AMS Neve Gets Funky in Italy

Funky Junk Italy has increased its stock of AMS Neve 1073DPA Stereo Mic Preamps

Italy (January 23, 2020)—Audio dealer Funky Junk Italy has installed the country’s first Neve Genesys Black G64 console in LG Studio Modena. The studio, which is owned by producer Gabriele Ferrini, already had a Neve Genesys Black G32 console but upgraded to a G64 by adding a 16 channel extension.

“2019 was a very successful year for AMS Neve products in Italy and we are delighted to see so many top artists and producers switching to the Genesys console range,” said Funky Junk Italy Director Paolo Orizio.

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“Alongside the G64 we installed in Modena at the end of the year, we have also supplied a Genesys Black G32 console to Italian artist Gianluca Grignani, another G32 console with a 48 frame to Italian violinist and composer Carlo Cantini and we have sent a Genesys G32 console to one of our dealers,” he noted. “These consoles represent the perfect synergy between analog circuitry and today’s need for recall and automation. They are the ideal solution for modern recording and mixing.”

Orizio noted a demand for AMS Neve’s 1073DPA Dual Mic Preamp as well. At the recent NAMM convention in California, he placed an order for 20 AMS Neve 1073DPA units, which will be distributed among pro audio dealers throughout Italy. He was also keen on the NAMM launch of a new hardware version of the legendary AMS RMX 16 digital reverb, and said, “We are very excited about this unit and anticipate strong demand.”

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