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Aphex Moves To New Headquarters

Aphex has relocated to new headquarters at 3500 N. San Fernando Blvd in Burbank, CA.

Burbank, CA (November 3, 2011)—Aphex has relocated to new headquarters at 3500 N. San Fernando Blvd in Burbank, CA.

Accoprding to its relatively new owners—David Wiener and Robin Sibucao bought the company in 2010— the move was a natural part of efforts to rebuild the brand. “Over the past year, we’ve been working diligently to advance and elevate Aphex’s products, performance and brand,” said Wiener, who serves as Aphex’s CEO. “A key point to our plan has always been to create a more inspiring, energized and modern work environment for our team. The new space delivers on all counts. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

Located in a new stand-alone building, Aphex’s new headquarters is an open workplace with lots of light and glass, designed as such in an effort to foster creativity. The first floor was customized to house management offices and shipping along with an oversized conference room for meetings and promotional events. The second floor is devoted entirely to engineering and product development, testing, demonstrations, and training.

As Wiener noted, “Our new headquarters reflects a new culture at Aphex—one that thrives on creativity, cutting-edge technology, exceptional customer service, and, perhaps most important, unlimited possibilities. We’re excited about the future; the best is yet to come.”