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Audient Takes Heritage To The Bridge

Replacing the Miloco Studio Group’s ASP4816 in The Bridge is a brand new ASP8024 Heritage Edition, significantly adding to its Audient gear roster

London (December 5, 2016)— Replacing the Miloco Studio Group’s ASP4816 in The Bridge is a brand-new ASP8024 Heritage Edition, adding to its Audient gear roster; the group already features a Zen in The Bunker and an ASP8024 at The Cold Stores facility.

“The Heritage Edition console is the perfect upgrade for The Bridge and gives the large, comfortable control room a definitive centerpiece,” said Robbie Dunne of Miloco Gear, who specified the purchase. “The feature set is great. The Audient provides us with 24 channels and 48 inputs—plenty of inputs for a writing session and more than enough channels to mix down.” Audient’s 24-channel ASP8024-HE provides additional flexibility to the studio with an array of connectivity options: DAW outputs, effects returns, monitoring devices and other line sources.

Run by a small, specialist team from their base in London, the Miloco Studios group works in partnership with prominent studios and producers around the world, ensuring that each artist finds the studio right for their individual project.

“We’re flattered that Miloco chose Audient once again for the Bridge Studio when refitting, as they had so many options available through their sister sales division Miloco Gear,” adds Audient’s Bryn Wildish, who facilitated the recent sale. “The additional benefit is that Miloco Gear can now demo prospective Audient console purchasers the advantages of our ASP8024|HE in a genuine working studio environment in a great, central London location.”

Miloco Studio Group