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AVnu Alliance Adds Three Members

AVnu Alliance has gained three new members: AudioScience, beyerdynamic and OnTime Networks AS.

New York (March 27, 2012)—AVnu Alliance has gained three new members: AudioScience, beyerdynamic and OnTime Networks AS.

AVnu Alliance is an industry group focused on bringing AVnu-certified interoperable AVB products to the market. AudioScience is a US-based manufacturer specializing in digital audio peripherals, while beyerdynamic is a German developer of conferencing systems, headphones, and microphones, and OnTime Networks AS is a Scandinavian supplier of industrial data communication products. They have joined more than 40 AVnu Alliance member companies that represent industries across automotive, pro A/V, and consumer electronics.

“When AVB came on the scene, AudioScience noted that it was IEEE standards-based and had prominent installed sound and network silicon companies behind it,” says Stephen Turner, company vice president. “With AVB being completely scalable and covering industries ranging from consumer, through pro to automotive, we feel that AVnu-certified AVB is a contender for the holy grail of audio and video over networks, and so have chosen to rally around it through the AVnu Alliance.”

AVnu Alliance member companies work together to develop compliance and interoperability certification specifications for AVB standards. AVnu-certified devices allow professional A/V providers to have one standards-based unified network that handles all voice, video, audio and data.

“We see AVB as the future network platform for real-time multimedia applications at low latency,” says Ulrich Roth, director of R&D for beyerdynamic. “We intend to integrate AVB interfaces into our wireless systems and conference devices. Through our AVnu Alliance participation, we can ensure compatibility with all other AVB devices.”

Øyvind Holmeide, managing director for OnTime Networks adds: “For a company dedicated to providing precise timing over Ethernet, joining the AVnu Alliance is a natural step for us as we move towards the A/V market. We are pleased to join the alliance since it will provide us with the necessary momentum to be an enabler for AVB in the automation and automotive industry.”

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