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Azteca Stays CALM with Monitor IQ

Azteca America has been using Digital Nirvana's Monitor IQ Essentials BMS to ensure FCC regulatory compliance.

Newark, CA (September 26, 2012)-Azteca America has been using Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ Essentials BMS to ensure FCC regulatory compliance.

As a subsidiary of the Mexican broadcast network TV Azteca, in Mexico City, Azteca America-based in Glendale, CA, and the nation’s third largest Hispanic television network-delivers TV Azteca as its primary service, along with three Spanish language sub-channels to over 55 U.S. markets. The network reaches roughly 89 percent of the total U.S. Latino population via satellite, cable, mobile and internet platforms.

Azteca America selected Monitor IQ Essentials, one of four versions of Monitor IQ that enables multi-channel HD/SD recording, logging, air-check monitoring, loudness monitoring, searching, repurposing and archive, among many vital quality control functions. The network uses Monitor IQ Essentials to monitor its ATSC/QAM signals to ensure that closed captioning airs properly on all of its programming. It can also monitor on-air signals to verify compliance with other federal mandates, such as loudness regulations imposed by The CALM Act.

“We’ve been using this product for several months now and rely on it heavily,” said Andrew Cain, engineering and operations manager for Azteca America. “If there is any quality control issue, the system pinpoints exactly where the problem is. We initially ordered the product to document that closed captioning is airing properly on our children’s programming,” Cain added. “Today we use Monitor IQ Essentials to monitor the ATSC/QAM signals of our primary and three secondary channels. We also use it to create a DVD with video clips as well as quarterly reports to document that our signal aired in compliance with FCC regulations.”

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