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Black Friday Pro Audio Deals

Black Friday pro audio deals are easier to find than you might think—read on to see all the best bargains we’ve uncovered!

Black Friday pro audio deals are easier to find than you might think—read on to see all the best bargains we’ve uncovered! While the annual shopping blow-out is still focused on finding a holiday gift for someone, there’s no reason why you can’t also grab some great deals for yourself in the process.

The main thing to remember is to think with your head as well as your wallet—you have to dive in, keep track of what deals you’ve seen, do some comparative shopping and know when (and when not) to pull the trigger on that great purchase.

Before we jump head-first into Black Friday pro audio deals, it bears noting that if you’re looking for consumer tech, go directly to our sister sites TOM’S GUIDE and TECHRADAR, because nobody covers the home and personal electronics side of Black Friday better than they do, with up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest—and best—deals.

And now on to pro audio. Here’s a basic rundown of Black Friday pro audio deals that we’ve learned of as of 3 AM EST, Black Friday. [This is presented solely as a reader service; we have not been paid by any businesses named here for inclusion, and do not receive a commission on any deals mentioned here. Businesses are presented in alphabetical order.]

The best place to start on any Black Friday online shopping expedition is with noted pro-audio retailers that you know and trust, like ADORAMA, DALE PRO AUDIO, FULL COMPASS, GUITAR CENTER and SWEETWATER.

And then there’s the brands themselves:

APOGEE ELECTRONICS: The company is holding a Black Friday plug-ins and refurbished hardware sale through December 2, 2019. Numerous plug-ins are 50% off; all refurbished hardware products are repackaged, tested by Apogee technicians at Apogee HQ and are covered under warranty.

AUDEZE: Through December 3, 2019, various B-stock Audeze headphone products, including the LCD-i4 in-ear headphone, Audeze Mobius gaming headphone and others, are on sale. At press time, 11 of the 14 models on sale had sold out.

CLEAR TUNE MONITORS: Through December 2, 2019, Clear Tune is offering 20% off on 11 different models of IEMs and a half-dozen different types of its premium IEM Cables

EASTWEST: EastWest Sounds’ annual Black Friday sale is letting customers save 45% on their first year of ComposerCloud X subscriptions, including for Aparillo Cinematic Synth and the upcoming Hollywood Backup Singers, priced at $199. ComposerCloud includes the recently launched Aparillo Cinematic Synth.

EMPIRICAL LABS: Empirical Labs is offering up to $1,000 off on the Lil FrEQ 8-section EQ; up to $200 off on the Mike-E preamp; and up to $200 off on the DocDerr 500 Series multi-purpose tone module.

FABFILTER: Fab Filter is doing 25% off all its plug-ins and bundles through December 2, 2019, including its Total Bundle which gives you every last one of its EQ, reverb, compressor, multiband dynamics, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins for $749.

FOCUSRITE: Through December 2, 2019, Focusrite is offering numerous sales on various Scarlett 2nd Gen. interfaces, ranging from 25% to 28% off, depending on the model, with $40 off the 2i4 2nd Gen; $50 off the 6i6 2nd Gen; and $80 off the 18i20 2nd Gen. If you’re in the market for a new Launchpad, that’s on sale too.

FOCUSRITE PLUG-IN COLLECTIVE: Join Focusrite’s free Plug-in Collective through January 16, 2020, and you’ll get three free plug-ins just for signing up: UJAM Virtual Guitarist Iron; Mastering The Mix Grow; and Sonible Balancer.

IZOTOPE: iZotope has put its Spire Studio on sale for $279 – 20% off its usual price. There’s also its $49 Black Friday Bundle of Elements Suite, Trash 2, DDLY Dynamic Delay, Mobius Filter and Nectar 3, as well as Ozone 9 Standard for $199—$50 off the usual price.

SAMSON: Samson has put numerous products on sale at Amazon for Black Friday through December 2, 2019, including the Samson Go Mic Mobile Professional Lavalier Wireless System for Mobile Video ($149.99; normally $199.97) and Samson XPD2 LM8 Lav ($79.99; normally $95.99).

SENNHEISER: Sennheiser has a variety of headphones, headsets, IEMs and accessories on sale for the holidays.

SHURE: Shure has various discounts of $30-$100, depending on the product, for instrumentalists, vocalists, podcasters, content creators and others.

SLATE DIGITAL: Nab a year-long All Access Pass to more than $5,000 worth of plug-ins and master class production courses for $129. Deal ends November 30, 2019.

SONIC STUDIO PRO: The plug-in manufacturer is offering deals on purchases and subscriptions to its Sonic Studio NoNoise 3 plug-in and Legendary Audio I.C.E. plug-in.

SOUNDTHEORY: Gullfoss, the intelligent EQ plug-in by Soundtheory that PSN reviewer Rob Tavaglione raved about in a March, 2018 review, is on sale through December 3, 2019. Use code BF30 to save 30% when you order.

SPITFIRE AUDIO: Through December 3, Spitfire Audio is highlighting individual sample libraries with 25% off and its Hans Zimmer Strings at 40% off. Its all-new Aperture Strings sample-based virtual instrument library is free when you spend over $349.00 USD.

THE VIDEO SHOW: Our new event, being held this week (December 4-5) in Washington, D.C. encompasses every aspect of content creation for professionals and enthusiasts, from podcasting (with an all-star series of podcasting sessions curated by Pro Sound News!) to mobile newsgathering to sports production to AV and much more. With an Access All Areas pass, you can attend over 100 sessions in eight studios across the two days. BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Register for Free Exhibit floor access (normally $25); a 1-Day Studio Pass and Exhibition Hall access for $24.50 (normally $49); or a 2-Day Studio Pass and Exhibition Hall access for $37.50 (normally $75).