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Cabling Manufacturer Klotz AIS Expands

Klotz AIS has bulked out its cable manufacturing with a new new facility expansion.

Munich, Germany (July 12, 2018)—Munich-based cable manufacturer Klotz AIS GmbH has opened a new expansion to its production and storage facilities in order to meet rising product demand, according to the company.

Klotz’s new space adds 1,200 square meters to its current facilities for a total of 4,000 square meters. The new area includes a cable manufacturing hall at its center. The space includes 18 cable assembly workplaces designed to meet ergonomic standards and are supplied by a new roller conveyor which brings in materials from the cable cutting hall next door.

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LED lighting and radiant tube heating have been employed to create a pleasant working atmosphere, and the site now also includes high-efficiency extraction systems at the soldering stations.

By merging cable cutting and assembly operations, the company says its production capacity has doubled as a result. Part of that includes the use of a new rewinding unit, a new cutting attachment and a new semi-automatic packaging unit.

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The facility was introduced to the public at the company’s annual summer party, which took guests on tours of the facility, seeing how the 100-plus workforce produces cabling and gets it out the door.

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