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Calrec Goes to College

Chabot College in California has installed a Calrec Summa audio console in the TV studio at its media center.

Hayward, CA (November 10, 2015)—Chabot College in California has installed a Calrec Summa audio console in the TV studio at its media center.

Chabot College broadcasting students can now train using the same desk as the local CBS affiliate. Having professional standard equipment also gives the accredited community college a commercial advantage when renting out its studio for outside productions.

“The goal of our two-year degree program is to make sure students are ready for jobs in the radio and television industry when they graduate, and a big part of that preparedness is to give them hands-on training with industry-standard equipment. We want our students to learn on the same equipment or better,” said Sujoy K. Sarkar, station general manager of Comcast 27 Chabot TV.

“One reason we chose the Summa is because it’s the exact same model that local station KPIX CBS Channel 5 uses, and other major broadcast networks rely on Calrec as well. By learning how to use the board now, our students will require less training when they enter the workforce, and that not only makes them more valuable candidates, but also gives them an edge over other job-seekers.”

Students are learning to use the Calrec Summa board from KPIX audio engineer Khash Naraghi, who also works part-time at Chabot College. Naraghi teaches the students to use the console and then gives them a tour of Channel 5 CBS so they can see the desk in action in a broadcast-network environment. As part of their course work, students use the Summa to help produce educational programs that are broadcast via closed-circuit TV to classrooms throughout campus and over cable television.

According to Calrec U.S. regional sales manager Dave Lewty, “Chabot College’s innovative programs demonstrate they recognize the importance of gaining relevant hands-on experience.”

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