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Cathedral On-Air with AKG Mics

Classical music broadcaster Radio Stephansdom in Vienna, Austria, reaches its audience with the help of Harman's AKG microphones.

Vienna, Austria (August 22, 2012)—Classical music broadcaster Radio Stephansdom in Vienna, Austria, reaches its audience with the help of Harman’s AKG microphones.

The broadcast station, with an active listening audience of approximately 100,000 per day, uses a complete AKG microphone system throughout the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, from which it also regularly broadcasts live services.

Two years ago, the station converted to a full digital setup while retaining AKG microphones. Today it is using C414XLS for the presenters, and CK47 with GN30 for round table discussions.

For live broadcasts, Martin Macheiner, the station’s technical director calls on a range of AKG microphones, including C460B, C480B, C414 ULS, C414TLII, C451B, CK61ULS, CK62ULS, CK62DF and CK63ULS. “We needed to match the challenge presented to us within the critical acoustics of the cathedral and the microphones provided by AKG are an excellent solution,” stated Macheiner.

The cathedral plays host to large orchestral masses, showcasing the work of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert and Bruckner. St. Stephen’s has the distinction of having hosted both Mozart’s marriage ceremony and funeral.

In the cathedral, priests are miked with DSR700 digital wireless mics with DHT700 (C5 capsule) and DPT700 with CK97-C/L capsule. But one feature they are proud of is the special construction for the Haydn Organ, which can be moved around on covered wheels. Two AKG Blue Line SE300B’s with CK92 capsules are installed on outriggers, along with a small mixer and two PT450 compact bodypack transmitters all inside the organ. The signals are then received via a pair of SR4500’s.