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Creative Sound Makes The Voice

Creative Sound Solutions' three partners mix some of TV's highest rated shows on Venue and Pro Tools|HD systems.

Los Angeles, CA (August 12, 2011)–Creative Sound Solutions’ three partners mix some of TV’s highest rated shows on Venue and Pro Tools|HD systems.

One of the newest shows to make a major splash has been The Voice, which has scored high numbers since its debut in April 2011. Engineer Randy Faustino, CEO and president of Creative Sound Solutions, mixes all of the music for The Voice, as well as for sister productions American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Faustino, along with partners J. Mark King and Tim Hatayama, hold court in three mobile production units outfitted with multiple Venue and Pro Tools|HD systems.

“We mix live to air, using the same setup for all three shows,” says Faustino. The setup comprises three 96-channel Venue systems, each with a Venue D-Show console, an FOH Rack, and two Stage Racks. An additional Venue Mix Rack System, featuring the Venue Profile console, is available for smaller shows and mobile situations, such as recording the band off-site. Each Venue system, equipped with two Venue HDx Option Cards, feeds a 96-input Pro Tools|HD system, used to record the shows, enabling Faustino to move between live and pre-recorded mixes of backing tracks.

“Using the Venue systems together with Pro Tools is really the whole point for us,” says Faustino. “We record every show to Pro Tools|HD as a multitrack session. When we come in the next day, we flip the session into [Venue] HDx mode, and you’re looking at the same show you had the night before. So it’s easy to set up scene snapshots for every number. Then when we’re ready to do the show, everything is already there and all you have to do is mix.”

Faustino points to the system’s snapshot recall as one of the main reasons for selecting Venue: “It’s the ability to quickly flip back and forth between Stage Racks and Pro Tools playback, so we can make adjustments after rehearsal or sound check, that makes it so perfect for our use.”