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Delivering Great Experiences

Akira Mochimaru, general manager of the Bose Professional Systems Division, got his start in the pro audio business when he began designing speaker systems in the early 1980s.

Akira Mochimaru, General Manager, Bose Professional Systems Division

Akira Mochimaru, general manager of the Bose Professional Systems Division, got his start in the pro audio business when he began designing speaker systems in the early 1980s. He started as a system integrator/consultant in Japan in 1983, working with Fuji Sound (now Yamaha Sound Systems). He studied room acoustics and computer simulation methods at a school in Tokyo then began developing simulation software for designing speaker systems for fixed installations.

Mochimaru received a Ph.D. in acoustic engineering and moved into the product development field in the U.S. He joined Bose 18 years ago. “I initially worked as an acoustic research engineer in the U.S.,” he recalls, “then moved back to Japan, where I managed sales and marketing for Bose Japan.” In 2006, he was appointed to his current position.

One focus of study in Mochimaru’s earlier years was architecture, and he spent one year learning room acoustics as part of architectural engineering. He comments, “I was already interested in audio, and this was where audio and architecture meet, so I took to room acoustics immediately. My professor was a pioneer in computer simulation, so I had early exposure to that, and, in fact, chose it as the subject for my graduate thesis. Over the next several decades, I continued developing software simulations, gathering data and doing other research, looking to create the perfect loudspeaker.”

He says that he was always listening for every nuance in the way sound is delivered, and that continues to influence his approach to his current position. “We are deeply committed to raising audio quality and expanding what is considered possible with loudspeakers,” he notes. “What Bose does is something that is very important to me—conducting exhaustive research and solving real customer problems, with a goal of introducing innovative products and tools that offer real value for our customers.”

The Bose Professional Systems Division (PSD) is supported by sales groupings in three regions: the Americas, Europe and APAC (Asia-Pacific). Specifically, the Americas Professional Systems Group (APSG) has a team of employees dedicated to not only sales but also technical support for integrators as well as field engineers offering design and service support. They also have employees committed to live music, hospitality and recreation market segments. As Mochimaru puts it, the whole team is committed to ensuring that customers get the right solution.

“Our goal is to deliver great experiences to the users of our products,” he adds. “That is true in all our divisions, and it’s our company philosophy. Our company culture is centered on delivering that philosophy as effectively as we can. In the installed business, we work through consultants and contractors, where roles and responsibilities are clearly set. We focus on delivering the best tools and the best products for this market, but it is just as important to develop relationships with contractors and consultants. Our mission is to become the best in the industry to support these relationships. This can be anything from helping an integrator or consultant close a sale, to onsite commissioning support, training and demos, etc. We are unique in that we do this through our Bose-employed field engineers and sales reps. This is something we find that integrators and consultants cherish.”

According to Mochimaru, Bose Professional Systems Division built its reputation with Business Music Systems for quality back- and foreground sound, as well as with portable live-sound products. As the company looks ahead, the current focus is on engineered sound solutions. “While these applications remain important parts of our business,” he explains, “we see a tremendous opportunity to provide new products and tools to address the problem of delivering concert-quality sound in fixed-installation applications such as houses of worship, theaters, arenas, etc. To accomplish this, recently, Bose has launched the RoomMatch array module loudspeakers and the Power- Match configurable power amplifier. Mochimaru claims that RoomMatch loudspeakers deliver “concert-quality sound for fixed-installations in almost any room size, shape, acoustic requirement or budget.” He continues, “Using proprietary technologies, RoomMatch modules form a new class of curvilinear array that allow seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and side-to-side tonal balance.

“The PowerMatch PM8500 is a configurable professional power amplifier delivering concert sound quality for fixed-installation soundreinforcement systems. Both of these product groups were developed with close input from top minds in the industry, as well as customers in the field. So far, the industry response has been very positive. For this market segment, we have been involved in computer modeling and auralization since the early 1980s. The Modeler Design Program and the Auditioner system (our patented auralization tool) are fundamental tools necessary for us to reach our goals.”

Looking forward, Mochimaru says that Bose is aiming to support the growth of this family of products, and gain them the reputation as an easier way for the industry to create custom solutions. “Beyond that, we will continue to nurture our valued relationships in the industry, and with our customer base, listen intently for feedback and ways we can better serve our market segments, providing the highest-quality audio solutions with market-driven products.”

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