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Deluxe Meters with TC

Deluxe Digital Cinema is using TC Electronic's TouchMonitors throughout its facility in the heart of Soho in London, England.

London, England (June 28, 2013)-Deluxe Digital Cinema is using TC Electronic’s TouchMonitors throughout its facility in the heart of Soho in London, England.

The TC TouchMonitors are being used in Digital Deluxe’s three main theaters and two mastering suites for quality control of theatrical content for feature and trailer release. The TouchMonitors are particularly used in Digital Deluxe’s 32-speaker Dolby Atmos theatre, one of only two theatres of its kind in Europe.

Deluxe Digital’s head of technical services, Andy Scade, explains, “The TC TouchMonitors are very beneficial to our work because they provide level indication during multi-channel play back of additional channels that we do not audibly monitor. The meters are very intuitive and straightforward to use, yet still offer a comprehensive feature set, which is a rare combination. It is a phenomenal product that gives us so much more flexibility.”

Deluxe Digital Cinema specializes in digital and data post production and distribution services for the feature film industry. Reportedly more than 50 percent of the world’s total theatrical release content is prepared by Deluxe Digital for distribution around the world. The Digital Cinema Packages provided by Deluxe Digital are very complex and can require up to 100-plus versions to address the requirements of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, 3D film, content for the hard of hearing, subtitling for multiple languages and much more.

TC Electronic’s UK distributor, HHB Communications Limited, provided Deluxe Digital with the new TC TouchMonitors.

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