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DPA CEO Nielsen Talks Acquisition

By Clive Young. What does RCF’s acquisition of DPA mean for the mic manufacturer’s future? DPA CEO Kalle Hvidt Nielsen shares his insights with Pro Sound News.

New York, NY (December 12, 2018)—The pro audio industry was caught off guard yesterday with the announcement that Denmark-based DPA Microphones had entered into an agreement to be acquired by RCF Group. However, as the microphone manufacturer’s CEO told Pro Sound News, the road ahead will see the company engage in business as usual, even as it initiates some ambitious plans.

RCF Group to Acquire DPA Microphones

“DPA will continue as an independent company owned by RCF Group,” said Kalle Hvidt Nielsen, CEO of DPA. That hands-off approach echoes the arrangement going forward for RCF’s other major purchase of 2018—U.S. loudspeaker manufacturer Eastern Acoustic Works. EAW’s president, TJ Smith, told PSN back in October that RCF has decided to essentially let his company forge its own path.

With the leeway to go where it feels the market is calling, DPA will be staying its current course for now, said Nielsen: “The brand will stay the same—the quality will stay the same, the sound will stay the same. We will continue with our current focus and strategy.”

Accordingly, customers shouldn’t expect to be affected by the transition to RCF ownership, although U.S. consumers will see at least one change, as Nielsen noted DPA will be “reinforcing our strong sales team in the U.S.”

That kind of reinforcement may well lay the groundwork for other strategies down the road, as he added, “Under the new ownership, we plan to expand DPA’s brand position in all segments.”

Becoming a part of RCF Group will help DPA, already well-established on the international pro audio market, further expand its reach as it may well take advantage of the parent company’s existing relationships with 2,000 dealers worldwide in 120 countries.

Also, while DPA is being treated as an autonomous entity, that doesn’t mean its going to ignore the potential synergies available to it as part of a larger pro audio conglomerate. “I believe close cooperation with the other companies in the RCF group will help us accelerate our ambitious plans,” said Nielsen.

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